3º Itinerário sobre lojas históricas em Lisboa

Tue, 26.11.2019

The importance of Lojas históricas in Lisbon

On the last 26th of November, our Portuguese language school organized a walking tour about Lojas históricas in Lisbon.

Indira Leão, our history teacher, helped us to understand the importance of protecting lojas históricasby consuming its products. Why are these shops so special? First, the products are handmade and for that reason, they have a higher quality. Second, the service is personalized and the staff are very attentive. Third and last, all of the shops are important to understand the historic past of Lisbon.

We started at Tabacaria Mónaco, located in Rossio. It’s an amazing historic shop, one of the firsts that used to sell tobacco in Lisbon. Baptized in honour of Albert I,Prince of Monaco, who visited Portugal in the late 19th century. During that time, the shopwas remodelled with the work of Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro, who draw swallows on the ceiling.

Then, we went to A Ginjinha in Largo de São Domingos. A Galician man named Espinheira founded the shop, which opened in 1840. We had the opportunity to taste this delicious liquor 23% alcoholic made with ginjas, which are bitter cherries.

In Primeira Casa das Bandeiras, settled in the number149 of Rua dos Correeiros, we got in touch with the world of the flags. The founder, António de Almeida Cardoso, a fervent republican, had the honour of producing the first Portuguese republican flag.

We ended in the stationary store Au Petit Peintre, in Rua de São Nicolau number 104. Founded in 1909, edited during the 20’sO Jornal da Mulher, a publishing about women’s emancipation.The current owner was so nice and friendly that told us the history of the shop and showed us some rare products.

We went to Confeitaria Nacional to drink a delicious hot chocolate!

Exploring some lojas históricas in Baixa

Earlier this year, our Portuguese language school organized two different itineraries about lojas históricas in Lisbon. The importance of promoting these historic shops that are in risk of disappearing, led us to plan a third itinerary. We’ll have different lojas históricas, settled in Baixa, that have new stories to tell on the next 26th of November.

The lojas históricas that we’ll visit along the walking tour make part of a project called Lojas com História. This project works with the traditional and historic commerce in Lisbon in order to reactivate commercial activity, essential for its existence.

Our history teacher, Indira Leão, will guide us during the afternoon. We’ll start in Tabacaria Mónaco. This tobacco shop was once a mandatory stop for smokers and for those who saw tobacco as an excuse to get together. The Portuguese writer Eça de Queirozused to buy his tobacco here.

Our second stop will be A Ginjinha. Opened in 1840 by a Galician man named Espinheira, is a shop that sells ginjinha,thefamous Portuguese liquor. Here, we’ll have the chance to taste this typical Portuguese liquor made from a bitter cherry.

Then, we’ll go to Primeira Casa Das Bandeiras. The tailor António de Almeida Cardoso inaugurated in 1885 and became the first store specializing in the production and selling of flags in Lisbon. The first Portuguese Republican flag was made here in 1910.

Lastly, we’ll go to Au Petit Peintre. During the 1920s, it had a typography that edited O Jornal da Mulher, a unique publication of its kind. Here, we can find a panoply of objects that tell the history of Lisbon.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about lojas históricasin Lisbon and stay tuned on the weekly events on our website.