500 anos de boémia do Bairro Alto

Tue, 12.11.2019

Finding out the places of Boémia in Bairro Alto

Bairro Alto is a neighbourhood known for its boémia with bars, restaurants and discos. Many people from Lisbon consider that it’s the best neighbourhood to go out at night. However, what do you know about Bairro Alto? When it became a district of boémia? We’ll give all the answers that you need in the next walking tour on the 12th of November.

Our history teacher, Indira Leão, will show us some of the most emblematic places in Bairro Alto.

The existence of Bairro Alto is not as old as we think. In 1498, the king D. Manuel I approved the creation of this neighbourhood in Lisbon. The development of Bairro Alto was necessary to host the merchants that were profiting with the Portuguese “Discovers”. At that time, Praça do Comércio was already an important economic and political centre.

We’ll start at Praça Camões, where Indira will tell us more about the creation of this square. Before the 19th century, this place housed a poor neighbourhood called Casebres de São Loreto.

We’ll visit Igreja de São Roque. The establishment of this church controlled by the Jesuits, increased the development of Bairro Alto during the 16th century.

Then, we’ll see part of Ferdinand’s wall, built to defend the city. At that time, Bairro Alto belonged to the outside part of the Ferdinand’s wall.

We’ll walk through some streets of boémia in Bairro Alto, while Indira will describe its evolution until the 19th century. It was in this time when the neighbourhood became a space of boémia and nightlife thanks to the journalists that worked there.

After the walking tour, we’ll have a practical experience of the bohemian facet of Bairro.

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