As estátuas das praças de Lisboa e as suas histórias

Wed, 01.03.2017

This Wednesday, 1st of March, we are going to walk down Baixa streets in order to learn more about the main statues of our city center. As you probably know, Portugal has been a monarchy for long time, and the kings had to face with several challenges in different periods, as wars, invasions, and of course the earthquake of 1755. The statues that we will see represent João I, Dom Pedro IV, and José I, and our teacher Beatriz will explain us how they reacted to the positive and negative events during their reigns. Moreover it will be interesting analyze the types of the statues in order to understand which art styles characterized Lisbon and how they changed. In all the cities, the details can tell so many stories, and Lisbon has a lot of secrets to reveal to people that are able to look around. Follow us on this adventure!



During the tour in Praça de Figueira, in Praça Rossio and in Praça do Comercio we will have the opportunity to improve our Portuguese language skills and to have fun all together meeting new friends. Our meeting point will be Wednesday, March 1st, in Praça de Figueira, close to the statue at 3.00 pm. We are waiting for you!



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Today, under the rare Lisbon clouds, we have learned the stories of three famous Portuguese kings: João I, Dom Pedro IV, and D. José I.

Beatriz told us the reasons why the ancient political authorities decided to put their statues in the main squares of the city in the last centuries. João I is the king that rescued Portugal from the Castile, a Spanish family; Dom Pedro IV is the first king of Brazil, but he is more known because he gave to the city the “Carta Constitucional” in 1826; finally, José I is “the Reformer” king. After the earthquake in 1755, he supported many reforms promoted by his minister, Marquess of Pombal; together they built the modern Lisbon. Remembering these events, we discovered that also Portugal has its Romeo and Juliet story, a very romantic relationship with an amazing end.

Follow us next week to learn more about the city where you live!

Below you can find the pics of our tour.




The cold weather of last week didn’t stop us! We enjoyed our tour “As estátuas das praças de Lisboa”, we met new friends and we had the chance improve our Portuguese. Don’t waste the opportunity to participate in our social activities and discover more about this modern and unforgettable city!