Vamos atravessar o Rio Tejo

Wed, 19.04.2017

Two weeks ago we discovered how the Tagus river has influenced the life of the city throughout the centuries and this week this tour will continue! We will learn even more about the ways of the Tagus with the second part of the tour on the other side of the river.
This is a brilliant opportunity to see Lisbon from a completely new point of view that most tourists don’t have the chance to discover!
‘So when is it and how will we get there?’ On Wednesday 19th of April we will cross the river by boat and from there our marvelous teacher Beatriz will share the story of this area with us.
We will also get the opportunity to see where many people who work in Lisbon live and where the industry of the city has settled. Furthermore, Beatriz will tell us about the huge monument of Cristo Rei, that looks at us from the hilltop across the river every day.


Come along and enjoy the magical view of the city and of the bridge from an unexpected Miradouro!

What are you waiting for?! An amazing boat trip is waiting for you! Join us for a fantastic day out and the chance improve your Portuguese!
The meeting point is on Wednesday 19th of April, close to the statue, in Praça do Comercio, at 3.00 p.m!

See you there!


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Last Wednesday we took the boat across the river where we enjoyed a lovely afternoon in Almada. During our walk Beatriz told us how the city has evolved throughout the years, as once upon a time it was a safe place for the noble when there was a plague in Lisbon; it has been a workers village thanks to the booming shipbuilding industry (the fist iron ship has been built there); it is also a quite place for those who wants to relax away from the hundreds of tourist groups in the Portuguese capital.

Throughout the whole tour we were able to admired the amazing view of Lisbon, whilst testing our knowledge by trying to recognize the main attractions of the capital from a different point of view: Praça do Comercio, Sao Vicente, Belem and more.

At sunset we sipped on some delicious Sangria at a colourful and cozy restaurant…

Stay tuned and follow us on our next tour!