The autumn party of Português Et Cetera

Fri, 23.11.2018

Let’s celebrate the Portuguese Saint Martin’s day

The autumn has definitely come to stay. The cold and rainy days with the good company of a red wine and a fireplace make part of our days! So, what’s better than celebrate it with a wonderful party?! Our Portuguese language school invites you all to make part of this celebration on the 23rd of November! We’ll have wine, chorizos, Portuguese music of the 80’s and many other surprises for you.

The Portuguese autumn has a particularity: we commemorate the Saint Martin’s day on the 11th of November. It’s a holiday honouring Martin of Tours, a 4th century Roman soldier who is known for a certain miracle. According to the legend, one day, Martin was riding on horseback in a snowstorm, when he came upon a nearly naked beggar. Not having any money or food, Martin took his sword, cut his cloak in half and gave the cloth to the beggar. As soon as he did this generous gesture, the clouds dispersed and the sun came out. Generally, we have some weeks of sun in November, that we call it the Summer of Saint Martin.

In Portugal, Saint Martin’s day has become a day to celebrate the maturation of the year’s wine production. Usually on this day we do a bonfire, we roast chestnuts and taste red wine. In some villages people sing some popular songs related to this festivity. This celebration festival is known as a magusto (comes from the Latin magnus ustus or “great fire”).

You’ll have the chance to taste the Portuguese flavours of this season of the year! You can bring something to eat or drink to share with the others!

Come to celebrate with us and keep posted on the weekly events in our website.