Cacilhas: Knowing the other side of the river

Wed, 05.09.2018

A pleasant afternoon among great views and a good company

On the 5th of September our Portuguese language school took the students to the other side of Tejo’s river. We had to take the ferry, known as Cacilheiro. The trip to the other side was amazing. All of us got inspired by the stunning landscapes.

Indira Leão, our history teacher, guide us during the tour. When we arrived at Cacilhas, we had the opportunity to see Lisbon from that side, it was incredible. The first place that Indira showed us was the Cais do Ginjal. We walked across the pier, next to the river, and we even had the surprising company of a jellyfish!

We learned that Cacilhas had an important commercial role since the roman period. It was responsible to provide Lisbon with fresh vegetables, fruit and fish. During the Portuguese overseas expansion, many shipyards settled in Ginjal’s pier. All the ships had to pass here to be revised a last time before a long journey.

In the second half of the 19th century, with the industrialization of Portugal, many industries of textiles and canned products established in Cacilhas. The implementation of the steam engine here marked the industrialization process in the country. The industrial preponderance of Cacilhas lasted until the 70’s/80’s of the 20th century. Many of this factories opened bankruptcy and were forced to close. They are abandoned in Cais do Ginjal until today. There’s a conflict between the chamber of Almada and the owners related to destiny to give to the local.

Then, we went to the belvedere of Almada and to the belvedere of Jardim do Castelo. Here, the views to Lisbon are also breathtaking.

We ended up perfectly in a nice esplanade!

You can check out the photos of this wonderful afternoon:

A trip to Cacilhas and Cais do Ginjal

Did you already have the curiosity to see Lisbon from the other side of Tejo’s river? Do you know anything about Cacilhas and Cais do Ginjal? Maybe this will be the perfect time to discover an amazing village, close to Lisbon.

Come on board with us on the 5th of September. You won’t regret it! We promise you a wonderful ferry trip with the great company of Indira, our history teacher, and other students.

Cacilhas is a parish that belongs to the county of Almada. There, we’ll have the opportunity to be on Cais do Ginjal. Ginjal is the tree that gives the ginja, the fruit to make ginjinha’s liquor. This place had an important industrial role during the second half of the 19th century and the 20th century. In a time when Portugal wasn’t an industrialized country, Cacilhas was the first Portuguese village to work with the steam machine.

Since the Romans, Almada’s area had a significant importance to provide Lisbon with fresh vegetables and fish. In the Medieval Museum in Cacilhas we can find many traces of the Phoenician and Roman presence in the local. During the Modern Age many shipyards were built and kept working until the 20th century.

We’ll have the chance to visit the Church of Our Lady of Safe Homecoming, built in 1759 with a beautiful gilded interior and tile panels. According to the popular legend the figure of the Our Lady quieted the waters of the river after the seaquake of 1755. Then, we’ll have time to enjoy the great views to Lisbon in the belvedere of Jardim do Castelo.

As always, after the tour we’ll gather in a terrace and enjoy our company.

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