Cafés Literarios de Baixa-Chiado (séc. XVIII-XX)

Wed, 01.02.2017

This Wednesday, February the 1st, with the help of teacher Beatriz, we are going to visit the three most famous “Cafés Literarios” of Lisbon, we will have the occasion and the pleasure of discover a little bit more about the artists of the Portuguese Avantgarde, who, between the 18th and the 20th Century used to meet each other in this places, in order to discuss about topics as philosophy, esthetic and art. We will talk about artists as Fernando Pessoa, Eça de Queirós and Manuel Bocage, having the opportunity of taking a coffe in the places where they used to go. We will visit the Cafés “Nicola”, “Brasileira” and “Martinho da Arcada”.


We will meet near the statue of D. Pedro IV in the middle of Praça do Rossio at 4 pm. It will be another amazing occasion to discover more about the history and the culture of the fantastic place in which we are living. Don’t lose the chance to come! Join us!


Tour Report / Photo Gallery

This week the school allowed us to discover something new, for the first time we had the possibility to discover something more about the lives of artists like Fernando Pessoa, Eça de Queirós and Manuel Bocage; for once, instead of reading books about their lives, we have had the chance to find out what they used to do in their daily life, having the opportunity to visit the more ancient Cafés of the city of Lisbon. We started our tour in Praça do Rossio, where we had the possibility to go inside the famous café Nicola, while discovering more about the history behind it, thanks to our teacher Beatriz. After having seen Nicola’s café we went to the other historic café “A Brasileira”, where it is possible to admire the statue of Fernando Pessoa.
We went then to Praça do Comercio in order to finish our tour at Martinho da Arcada where we saw the table in which Fernando Passoa used to take his coffe speaking with his friends of the Portuguese vanguard. We had really great time together during this tour and we are really looking forward to know where will be the one of next week.