“Campanha Linha Vermelha”: a Boarder to Save the Planet

Tue, 20.03.2018
Lisboa Vadia, Rua de São Mamede 33,

A campaign against oil drilling and fracking

Climate change, global warming and exploitation of gas and oil are issues that concern the whole globe. We touch these problems every day and they really affect our lives.

Campanha Linha Vermelha” is a national awareness campaign with the final aim of stopping oil drilling and fracking in Portugal. This movement is present all over the world. Specifically, in Portugal there are still five active drilling and fracking contracts.

The main Linha Vermelha’s commitment is to mobilize and inform people. Hence its goal, so far, is to mobilize people to knit 52 km of red line. Families, elderlies, artists, hipsters, DIY people and children work all together to create this red line, to say NO! to oil drilling and fracking.

Its vision is a country which keep its fossil fuels in the ground, and at the same time investing in renewable energies.

On the 20th of March 2018, at 9pm the event of “Campanha Linha Vermelha” will take pace. Come to Lisboa Vadia, Rua de São Mamede 33, 1100 Lisboa.
The program of the evening will be:

  • in the beginning a little session of tricot and crochet;
  • introduction of Campanha Linha Vermelha;
  • presentation of the problem (fracking in the world, fracking in Portugal, risks, general information about climate change, etc.);
  • debate;
  • tricot and crochet session;
  • group picture.

The expert who will host the evening is Thiago Rourke from “Climaximo”. He will present and explain the issues which affect the environment and how we should behave to overcome them.

The tricot and crochet session some members of “LX Yarnies” in Lisbon will accompany us through this experience.

Your participation can make the difference. Let’s try together to change something and one day our lives can be better.

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