Christmas dinner of Português Et Cetera

Tue, 17.12.2019
Praça do Comércio

Thanks for your special presence in our Christmas dinner!

On the last 17th of December, our Portuguese language school organized a Christmas dinner with our teachers and students.

We gathered in Mesa Kreol, located in Arco Portas do Mar 9. It is a traditional African food restaurant and more specifically Cape Verdean food.

In the menu, we could find delicious meals. For example, tuna with coconut milk sauce, moqueca de camarão made with shrimp and coconut milk or Cachupa. The last option is a typical dish of Cape Verde gastronomy, made with vegetables and meat or fish. In addition to the dishes, the most curious tried the strong grog. It is brandy, with a slight cinnamon flavour, typical of Cape Verde.

Towards the end of dinner, we had live music with a band playing Cape Verdean music. Our teacher Romeu also joined the band and played very well! It was an exciting experience!

Thanks to our students and teachers of Português Et Cetera, our Christmas dinner was unforgettable.

Next year, we’ll have more school events, so we’ll be waiting for you! You can check out our weekly events on the website of Português Et Cetera.

Below, you can find the photos of our funny Christmas dinner:

Join us at our unmissable Christmas dinner!

Christmas is coming, and our Portuguese language school wouldn’t miss it for anything! We want to spread the Christmas joy to our students with a Christmas dinner on the 17th of December!

This will be the last school event of the year. It will be the perfect time to spend time with our teachers and students! Of course, it’s also a good excuse to practise you Portuguese language skills while you are eating a good meal!

Our Christmas dinner will be at the restaurant Mesa Kreol. It’s located in Rua Arco Portas do Mar, number 9, near Praça do Comércio. It’s a friendly place where we can try African food, with special emphasis on Cape Verdean gastronomy.

The main specialties of the restaurant are, firstly, Cachupa, made with beans, corn, vegetables and meat. Secondly, they make a delicious tuna steakwith coconut sauce. Thirdly, we also recommend to you moqueca de camarão, made with shrimp and coconut milk. In addition, you always have vegetarian and gluten free options.

Mesa Kreol also provides to their guests’ African music concerts!

We’ll wait for you in Praça do Comércio at 8.15 pm! If you can’t meet us in the meeting point, you can go directly to the restaurant. You can book your reservation confirming by or on our Facebook page until the 16th of December.

Don’t miss our amazing Christmas dinner and keep posted on the weekly events on our website.