Discovering Alfama and Sé Cathedral

Wed, 26.04.2017
Alfama and Sé Cathedral

This Wednesday, we will discover the tangled alleys of Alfama, one of the most traditional and colorful quarters of Lisbon. Our teacher Beatriz will take us on a trip back into time to one of the most important centuries of our history.

She will talk about the mixture of religions in Lisbon; the presence of Jewish population in the city; the Moors landmark; the collocation of the old mosque and the story of the Catholic Cathedral.

Beatriz will dedicate a part of the tour to the origin of Fado and also to the celebration of Saint Anthony, who is considered the true patron of the city.

Come and have fun with us and improve your Portuguese!

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During our last tour, we have walked around the Alfama district discovering the different religious influences of the city; Christianity, Judaism and Islam. Our fantastic teacher Beatriz also talked about two of the main traditions of Lisbon, Fado and Saint Anthony. Beatriz told us that S. Anthony is the Saint of the marriage and that women buy his statue in order to find a husband. It is also a tradition for them to hang the statue upside down if the Saint does not help them to find their Mr Right.

Come alone on our tours with our brilliant guides… there is always a discovery to be made!