Feminist Lisbon, the capital as a center of the Women’s Liberation

Wed, 10.05.2017

As last Sunday was Mother’s Day, we have decided to dedicate our tour to women.

The history of the city can be told through the eyes of brave women, and our teacher Beatriz will help us to discover how they helped to influence the course of the events throughout the centuries. On 25th of April 1974, the girls that put carnations into the shotguns of the army of the pacific liberations are just one example of the stubbornness of the Portuguese ladies. From queens, to maids, to dancers, to the first women that voted, there are many inspirational stories for us to share.


Meet us on Wednesday 10th of May in Praça Rossio, near the statue at 3.00pm to learn more about the strong, Feminine side of Lisbon!

And of course what would our tour be if we did not end as always, with a drink together!

We hope to see you there.


Tour Report


Unfortunately, last Wednesday was a rare super rainy day in Lisbon so sadly we couldn’t go for a walk in our lovely city. However, as we are never discouraged we spent our tour drinking tasty hot coffee and discussing woman social position in Portugal.

Our teacher Beatriz surprised us with numerous anecdotes; she told us how the role of women changed at the beginning of the XX century when many of them arrived in Lisbon from the countryside looking for new opportunities, as well as when they started to work in factories during the IWW.

Beatriz described a painting that is hanging on the wall in Brasileira Cafè to help us understand how women participated to the bohemian life: They started to drink alcohol like men, sometimes hiding it in teacups to not attract judgmental gazes. They also started to smoke, although not in the correct way.

Since the Middle Age when Portuguese queens could rule, even without an husband, to nowadays, the position of woman in society has deeply changed and it was a pleasure learning how with Beatriz and the other students.