Fernando Pessoa Poeta e Lisboeta

Wed, 15.03.2017

“A literatura come toda a arte, è uma confissão de que a vida naõ basta”

In our next tour literature will be the absolute protagonist. On Wednesday 15th of March, our teacher Beatriz will present the figure of Fernando Pessoa, the most significant writer in Portuguese culture. Fernando Pessoa was poet, philosopher, translator; his life has been a continuous creation, with analyses of different themes. However, the central topic is depersonalization, linked to his fragmented ego and to his high sensitivity, that allowed him to feel a multiple reality. Referring to this, his main creativity is linked to the invention of heteronyms, that, unlike pseudonyms, are complete poetic characters, with a countenance, profession, behavior, and style of life. Fernando Pessoa is one of the most mysterious writers of the XX century, and during the tour, we are going to discover more about him, about his ideas and his point of view about Portuguese people.

After the tour, we could chat and relax with a good drink all together. We will meet on the 15th of March, in front of cafe “A Brasileira”, at 3.00 p.m. Join us to have fun and speak your Portuguese!

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Today, the protagonist of our tour has been Fernando Pessoa. He is the most relevant Portuguese writer and his works are known all over the world. He passed most of his life in Lisbon (the city of the mixed art and literature styles), working and relaxing in many cafés, bars, and restaurants. Probably he composed his poems eating the same Pastéis de Nata that we eat today.

We started our tour at “A Brasileira”, where he is still sitting waiting for someone to discuss with, and we continued in Largo De São Carlos, where he was born, Rua dos Douradores, where he loved working, Praça D. João Da Cãmara, where he usually met others intellectuals. Fernando Pessoa was a romantic but also a pessimistic person, who never enjoyed to the fullest the joy of love. He has been a futurist and a modernist, the artist that invented many heteronyms in order to make his writing totally independent from his previous life experiences. The streets of Baixa Chiado are full of his memories, we have just to open our eyes and notice the details.


As you know, Fernando Pessoa is one of the most significant writers of the Portuguese literature. During one of our tour we have discovered the places where he lived and composed his masterpieces. Watch the video to have an idea of the afternoons with Português et Cetera!