Grab a towel and join us at the beach of Carcavelos!

Wed, 10.07.2019

An unforgettable afternoon in the beach

Our Portuguese language school organized the first beach trip of the year in Carcavelos on the last 10th of July.

Our students were very excited to go to the beach, because it was a great weather with 32ºC! Indira Leão, our history teacher, and other teachers from the school accompanied us to the beach. We had to take the train to Carcavelos in Cais do Sodré.

During the train trip, we could contemplate the stunning views to some beaches of the Lisbon coastline. When we arrived, there was a hot sun and no signs of wind! It was perfect!

Firstly, we spread our towels and put our sunscreen, and then we talked with each other about several subjects. The bravest students tried the water. At the beginning it was could, but after being in the water, it was perfect.

Some students hydrated themselves with delicious beverages and others opted for ice cream.

We stayed in front of a surf school. That’s no surprise in Carcavelos, since it is known by its sports such as: surf, soccer and volleyball. In addition, the beach is very clean and accessible for those who come by public transport.

Theweather was so good that most part of the group only left at 8pm. Our students enjoyed the time on the beach to play volleyball and practise their Portuguese language skills.

Don’t miss our weekly events, because each week it’s a different theme. Above all,you’ll be able to simultaneously explore Lisbon,learn about its history and practise Portuguese!

Join us next week and below you can check out our photos. We looked great!

Let’s sunbathe at the beach of Carcavelos!

The summer has finally arrived and our Portuguese language school doesn’t want to miss this season of the year for nothing! We’ll take our students to the beach of Carcavelos on the 10th of July!

The beach of Carcavelos is the most popular beach of the coast of Lisbon, partly due to the proximity of the capital. Carcavelos is famous for the quality of the water, for its soft and golden sand and magnificent facilities. This beach has been, in recent years, classified as Accessible Beach for the disabled. There is a pedestrian zone that surrounds the beach, where you can find several restaurants, bars and terraces that stay open night inside.

This beach it’s great for the sports lovers. There is a water sports school with surfing, windsurfing and body boarding. The beach also has beach soccer and beach volleyballcourts. The Beach Soccer Championships have been held there as well as other sporting events such as Beach Rugby and Beach Volleyball.

Indira Leão, our history teacher will take us to Carcavelos. We’ll take the train in Cais do Sodréin direction to Cascais. We’ll have a marvellous train trip, where we’ll be able to contemplate some beaches of the Lisbon coastline.

You can bring whatever you want. However, we advise you to bring your swimsuit, atowel, a sunscreen, because the sun in Portugal is usually very strong, and water. If you have your Lisboa Viva cardyou can use to the trip.

Most importantly bring us your great company! With us, you’ll have the opportunity to practise your Portuguese language skills while you are tanning.

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