Historic shops in Lisbon: 2nd itinerary

Wed, 10.04.2019

Knowing more historic shops in Lisbon

On the 10th of April, our Portuguese language school organized a walking tour about the historic shops in Lisbon. This was the second itinerary about this theme, with different shops and stories.

Indira Leão, our history teacher, guided us during the walking tour.

We started at Espingardaria Central A. Montez, next to theatre D. Maria II. In 1908, the murders of the king D. Carlos bought the guns that cost his life. The young employee that innocently sold the guns to the regicides became the owner of the shop. His name was Antonio Montez.

The Drogaria de São Domingos is located near the Largo de S. Domingos. Until nowadays is a reference in cosmetic products to all kind of hair and skin. The shop became important during the 80’s and the 90’s to the African people. In that time, it was the only shop that sold products specially designed for their skins and hair types.

In Praça da Figueira, we visited the Hospital das Bonecas. This is a real hospital for dolls since 1830. Each dolls has its own medical record and bed. The museum is located on the first floor and has more than 3500 types of different dolls. On the ground floor, we can buy old doll replicas.

The Conserveira de Lisboa is known for its canned fish. It sells a huge range of canned products. Here we can also find the curious Kasutera, a Japanese cake. The Kasutera has influences of the Portuguese pão-de-ló, which was taken by the Portuguese to Nagasaki in the 16th century.

We ended up in Confeitaria Nacional. It was the place where the first phones were installed in Portugal. The famousbolo-reistarted to be sold here in 1870. We stayed here and tasted the delicious cakes!

A walking tour about new historic shops in Baixa

Weeks ago, we made a walking tour about historic shops in Lisbon. We’ll use the same theme, but with different historic shops. Lisbon is a city with many historic shops that are awaiting to be discovered. Join us on the 10th of April to discover thestories behind more historic shops!

Indira Leão, our history teacher, will guide us during this afternoon. We’ll start in Espingardaria Central A. Montez. This is a shotgun shop, opened in 1902. The Espingardaria Central was born during the political transition from the Monarchy to the Republic. Here were bought the weapons used in the attempt on king D. Carlos, including the Winchester that costs his life.

The Hospital das Bonecas is used as a spa for dolls. It was inaugurated in 1830. In addition to the hospital, there is also the shop, used to the restoration of other toys, and the museum.

Drogaria de São Domingos is the ideal place for those who want to take care of their hair. It’s working since the 30’s and sells cosmetic and beauty products. Here, we can find a wide variety of products.

The Conserveira de Lisboa when opened in 1930 was a grocery store with a varied supply of canned products, sweets, beans or sausages. Twelve years later, the store became specialized in fish preserves and adapts its name to Conserveira. We can find canned tuna mousse, smoked octopus or horse mackerel with garlic and parsley.

We’ll end at Confeitaria Nacional. It’s the oldest confectionery still in operation in Lisbon, with its doors open since 1829. The management remains in the descendants of the founder, Balthazar Roiz Castanheiro. After the tour, we’ll taste the good flavours of Confeitaria.

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