Historic shops in Lisbon

Wed, 30.01.2019

Learning about the historical value of some stores in Baixa

On the 30th of January, our Portuguese language school organized a walking tour about some historic shops in Baixa.

The rainy day didn’t stop our walking tour guided by Indira Leão, our history teacher.

We started in Praça D. Pedro IV (Rossio). Here, we visited Chapelaria Azevedo Rua. This hat shop is a survivor of the times when the hat was an essential accessory in any men’s and women’s clothing. The founder Manuel Aquino de Azevedo Rua was forced to start a new business in 1886 after losing his vineyard due to filoxera. Until nowadays, the shop is specialized in making hats for bullfighters.

Manteigaria Silva, settled in Praça da Figueira opened our appetite with their typical Portuguese products: chorizos, cheeses, dried fruits and codfishes. In the 19th century was a slaughterhouse of goat cattle, and then it was turned into a butter shop. In that time the butter had to be sold only in these specific shops called Manteigarias.

Luvaria Ulisses, the smaller shop of this walking tour, still creates customizable gloves. We can find it in Rua do Carmo. Joaquim Rodrigues Simões was the first owner of this establishment in 1925. This store survives by having customers loyal to the quality and personalized service.

We had the chance to know the second oldest bookshop in the country: Livraria Ferin, created in 1840. It is located in Rua Nova do Almada. The Belgian family Ferin moved to Lisbon to escape from the Napoleonic Invasions.

Casa Pereira da Conceição located in Rua Augusta sells a huge range of teas and coffees. It’s decorated in the style ofLouis XVI and exists since 1933.

After the tour, we had a delicious hot chocolate in Confeitaria Nacional.

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Exploring some stores that make part of Lisbon’s identity

Unfortunately, over time many small shops were forced to close in Lisbon, prevailing those with more capital. The crisis and the changing of people’s habits and tastes are the main factors. However, there are some shops that can still resist and adapt to those changings. We’ll met them on our next tour on the 30th of January.

Our history teacher, Indira Leão, will guide us in this walking tour. We’ll start in Livraria Ferin. This is the second oldest bookstore in the country: 1840. It is a family business. The first Ferin was Belgian and settled in Lisbon because of the Napoleonic wars.

The Casa Pereira da Conceição it’s the right place for tea lovers. This elegant shop was created at the end of the 19th century. Its furniture was made in the style of Louis XVI. In 1933, Mr. Pereira da Conceição established in this space whose property remained, for three generations, in the same family.

The Luvaria Ulisses was founded in 1925 by Joaquim Rodrigues Simões. This business is the last one in Portugal with exclusive sale of gloves!

The Chapelaria Azevedo is the oldest headgear in Portugal. This shop is open since 1886 and was founded by Manuel Aquino Azevedo Rua. It is specialized in providing the best hats for ladies and gentlemen. The business is already in the fifth generation.

Manteigaria Silva will open our appetite with codfish, chorizos and other national products. This store remains the same since the 30’s.

At the end of the tour, we’ll socialize in a cosy esplanade.

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