An Historical Walking Tour Through Lisbon of the Inquisition

Thu, 12.04.2018

Discovering Portugal through its History

On the 12th of April 2018 our language school in Lisbon experienced an interesting journey, taking us back through the years. Our walking tour was about the Inquisition in Lisbon.

The purpose of these cultural events is to make you feel part of our culture and the best way to be in touch with culture is to immerge yourself in the country’s history, to try the typical dishes and to enjoy the local traditions.

Our walking tours are open to everybody and the objective is to let people know things that are usually hidden by history because they’re “uncomfortable”.

Indira Leao, our history teacher, accompanied us through this walking tour speaking both in English and Portuguese. We passed by the most significant places that had an important meaning in the Inquisition period. The Portuguese Inquisition took place in 1536 at the request of KingJohn III.

The walking tour started at Theatre D. Maria II, in Rossio, which was in the past the headquarters of the Inquisition. After, we walked to São Domingos’s Church where in April of 1506 the massacre of New Christians and Jewish people to place. We finished the tour in Terreiro do Paço. This is where the “autos-da-fé” were executed. They were public rituals, in which, the Court performed the penances or condemnations.

Our students had an amazing time discovering our history. From history you can understand and get to know the culture of a population. Teacher Indira was pleased to reply to all the curiosities our students had.

Afterwards, we enjoyed a good coffee in one of the oldest bars in Lisbon “Martinho da Arcada”. Here was where Fernando Pessoa used to spend time writing his poems. Tasting the “house specialty” and enjoying a nice conversation sharing ideas and practicing our speaking skills.

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Institution and condemnation of “Horror Machine”

On the 12th of April 2018 our Portuguese language school is organizing a walking tour about the establishment of the Inquisition in Lisbon.

If you don’t know yet, our thematic walking tours are open to everyone. Our purpose is to teach Portuguese in a dynamic way. You will learn about Portuguese history with our history teacher walking around Lisbon.

Next Thursday we will talk about the Inquisition.

The Inquisition was established in the Portuguese cities of Évora, Lisbon and Coimbra in 1536. It was a court controlled by the Catholic Church with the purpose of judging everyone who disrespected the dominant religious conduct and rules.

The main targets of the Portuguese Inquisition were the Jews, the New Christian (“Cristãos-novos”), who were Jewish people converted to Catholicism, and the Moors. Other crimes related to bigamy, sodomy practices, witchcraft and adultery were also punished.

Our tour will start in front of D. Maria II theatre, which was until the XIX century, the Estaus Palace (head of the Inquisition in Lisbon). Then we will proceed to São Domingos’s Church, where in April of 1506 new Christians and Jewish people were slaughtered. We’ll finish our historical tour at Terreiro do Paço. This was the place where the “autos-da-fé” were executed. They were public rituals, in which the penance or condemnation decreed by the Court was performed. Here, our history teacher Indira will talk about some conviction cases from the XVI and XVII centuries.

The main purpose of this specific tour is to let you know more about this institution that acted like a “horror machine” in Modern Portugal. Furthermore, the Inquisition had severe consequences that affected the way of living of Lisbon people.

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