Junta-te ao nosso piquenique no castelo de São Jorge!

Thu, 01.01.1970

We’ll have a piquenique at Castelo de São Jorge

Have you had the opportunity to visit one of Lisbon’s main attractions: Castelo de São Jorge? He have good news for you: we’ll organize a piquenique inside the castle and the entrance is free! Our school event will be on March 17th and our students are all invited.

It will be the perfect time to know the castle while practicing Portuguese and socializing. Our teacher Indira Leão will accompany us during the afternoon.

Castelo de São Jorge is located on the highest hill in Lisbon, which was the old medieval citadel. Moors inhabited it and fortified it for their defence during the 8th century. In 1147 D. Afonso Henriques, future first King of Portugal, took the castle, after surrounding it for 3 months. With the help of the French Templars, he expelled the Muslims and opened the castle’s doors to Christians.

Thus, the King and the court moved to the Castle of São Jorge, later transforming it into the Royal Palace. The castle became a symbol of the Christian victory. There is even a legend of Martim Moniz, who was crushed to death at the castle gate so that Christians could pass.

Inside the castle, we’ll have one of the best view points to Tejo river and to the city. The castle has also a museum where we can find traces of the historic evolution of Lisbon.

Regarding the piquenique, it’s tradition in Portugal to bring something to eat or to drink to share with others. You can bring whatever you want.

Join us to our exciting piqueniqueand keep posted on the weekly events on our website.