Last Week’s Tour (Nov 29th): Castelo de São Jorge

Sat, 02.12.2017

What a great day it was at last week’s tour of Castelo de São Jorge!

We had a nice turn out, with about 14 people in total, many of whom stayed back after the tour to have some ginjinha!

Thank you everyone who attended. It was lovely seeing your cheerful faces, and your interest in learning about our national monument. Hope you all learned a lot! And, weren’t the views just amazing? Great place for a date, eh? eh? 😉


One of the wonderful things about being one of our students in our Language School in Lisbon, is that you often get admission for free and you skip those lines for our tours! Wow, those lines are terrible, particularly in Summer!

We look forward to seeing you at our next tour on Thursday 14th December! 😀 Make sure you keep an eye out for details!