The legendary 20’s in Lisbon

Thu, 24.05.2018

Exploring the wonderful Palaces that housed Lisbon nightclubs

In the afternoon of the 24th of May, our students participated in a tour about the 20’s. The rain didn’t stop us from going around Lisbon and visit the most famous nightclubs of the capital during the 20’s (here you can see an interesting video on the topic).

Our history teacher focused on the figure of the women during the 20’s. In this period the feminine emancipation happened. The women started to smoke, to drive, to wear shorter dresses and to comb their hair “à la garçonne”.

During the 20’s despite of the conservative mentality of the lisboners, the richest and inhabitants began to frequent the nightclubs. The elite entertained itself drinking, smoking, dancing and gambling. The most open-minded also began to appreciate jazz, which slowly became a fashion.

The first stop of the tour was Casa do Alentejo, that gathered the most important politicians and business men of the time. When we entered, we were cheered by a group who sang for us the renowned Cante Alentejano. This house is a mix of architectural styles: arabesque and Louis XIV, and we felt astonished with the magnificent hall of mirrors.

Not far away, is the Old Bristol Club.During the 20’s it was organized by its owner as a museum and it was mainly frequented by writers and painters.

In the same street, is the Old Palace Club, where, through a French woman, started the trade of cocaine among the upper classes of Lisbon.

The last stop was the Foz Palace, where was located the Maxime Club, the most expensive club in the 20’s. We took the opportunity to visit the present exhibition about the abolition of the death penalty.

In the end, we spent an hour together, discussing about the topics of the tour and drinking some sangria.

Here are some photos of the tour! Check the page School Events on the website and our FB page to be informed about our next tour!

Discovering the most popular nightclubs of the capital in the beginning of the 20th century

Do you want to know more about how the elite of Lisbon enjoyed themselves at night, in the first two decades of the 1900s? The tour to which our school invites you for the 24th of May will be on this topic. Together we will explore the nightclubs most frequented by the richest and most influential lisboners during the 20’s. Thanks to the tales of our history teacher we will recreate the characteristic atmosphere of those places.



Starting from Praça do Rossio, we will visit Casa do Alentejo in Rua das Portas de Santo Antão. What is now a renowned and traditional restaurant with a dance hall was one of the most well-known nightclubs in Lisbon. In the same street, we will see two other famous nightclubs. The first is The Old Bristol Club. It worked as nightclub for 10 years, since 1918 until 1928. The second was where it is now the building of the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce and Industry. During the 20’s his name was The Old Palace Club.

The last stop on our tour will be at Palácio Foz in Restauradores. Since 1919 until 1930 it worked as the Maxim’s club.

The aim of this tour is to show how the highest social classes entertained themselves, despite the Portuguese crisis of 20’s. In fact, they mainly went to the nightclub to dance the musical trends of the moment, especially the Foxtrot and the Charleston. We will also associate this Lisbon of fun with the question of the changing of habits and mentalities after the 1st World War.

Don’t miss the chance to relive the crazy 20’s for one afternoon. This tour also allows you to practice your listening skills of Portuguese. As usual, our teacher will speak both in Portuguese and English.

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