Let’s celebrate the Popular Saints with an arraial!

Fri, 28.06.2019

We had such a good time!

On the last 28th of June, our Portuguese language school took the students to a traditional Portuguese arraial.

Our history teacher, Indira Leão accompanied us to Arraial Composto. For the ones who don’t know what is an arrayal, the following lines are for you. Arraiaisare traditional regional festivities that are celebrated with street processions, flower carpets, colourful flags, music, food and drink. During the month of June, people from Lisbon organize the arraiais to celebrate the Saints, especially Saint Anthony.

Each district of the capital has its own Arraial and they can differ one from another. In our case, we went to the district of Mouraria. Arraial Composto was different from the other Arraiais, because there is an environmental concern in recycling and reducingplastic waste. We had our drinks in reusable cops, and the dishes were made of paper. The sardines were delicious!

After 8 pm, the musician Julinho da Concertina played funaná. It is an African dance and musical rhythm originating in Cape Verde. Funaná is closely associated with the use of the accordion, more precisely the diatonic accordion known in Cape Verde as gaita.

Born and raised in the island of Santiago, Cape Verde, Julinho da Concertina was an integral part of the modernization of Cape Verdean music in the 70s and 80s. He also accompanied Cesaria Evora at the beginning of her long career.

The concert was very good and we had a pleasant evening with the company of each other!

Below, you can check out our photos.

We are going to a traditional Portuguese arraial

In order to celebrate the last week of the Popular Saints, our Portuguese language school will take the students to an arraial. It’s a festival with music, drinks and sardines. We can find several arraiais in the many districts of Lisbon during the month of June. Get ready for the 28th of June!

We already organized a walking tour about the traditions of Saint Anthony. Although, we think that is important to complement this past event with the authentic experience of going to a traditional arraial!

Indira Leão, our history teacher, will take us to the Arraial Composto, located in Largo da Rosa. It’s organized by the association Renovar a Mourariaand its motto is “Arraial Composto: ainda queremos ter planeta em Agosto”. Meaning that Arraial Composto stands out from the others for their environmental concern in using reusable cups and doing recycling.

The Renovar Mouraria Association is a private, non-profit, public-benefit organization created in 2008. It aims to revitalize Lisbon’s historic Mouraria neighbourhood in social, cultural, economic and tourist terms. It’s an association that promotes the integration of immigrants in Mouraria with the organization of several activities.

On the 28th of June we will meet at 7 pm in Praça da Figueira. Then, we’ll walk to Largo da Rosa, Mouraria, where is the Arraial Composto. At 8 pm we’ll watch the concert of the Cape Verdean musician Julinho da Concertina.

Julinho is a funaná legend with more than 50 years of career. He participated in revolutionary records such as Alexandre Monteiro – Trapiche, “Africa Ê” by Tiny das Neves. Julinho also accompanied Cesária Evora at the beginning of her long career.

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