Let’s go to a concert!

Sat, 09.02.2019

Going to the concert Segue-me à Capela

Are you a music fan? Are you interested on attending to a concert about the traditional Portuguese music? Seems fun, right? You are all invited to join our Portuguese language school on the 9th of February. You’ll have the opportunity to learn more about the traditional Portuguese music!

Our history teacher Indira Leão will take us to this event in Teatro D. Maria II. This spectacle will be performed by the group Segue-me à Capela. It’s a female group constituted by seven women. They perform singing and playing percussion. The project of Segue-me à Capela is based on the works of Michel Giacometti, José Alberto Sardinha and the GEFAC. The purpose of this female artistic group is to bring back to life the traditional songs of women in the Portuguese heritage.

The influence of Michel Giacometti’s repertoire in Segue-me à Capela is notorious, because it’s a valuable compilation of the traditional Portuguese songs. He was a Corsican ethnomusicologist who fell in love with the traditional Portuguese music. In 1959, Giacometti moved to Portugal and settled in Cascais. Since the 60’s until the 80’s he travelled around the all country to compile and record popular Portuguese songs. Giacometti’s work was indispensable to perpetuate the Portuguese folklore.

With the modest sum of 10€ you can attend to this wonderful concert. You want to go with us you have to pay until the 5th of February(Tuesday) at the school reception.

This event is integrated in the Festival Antena 2. This Festival shows the contents that the radio station gives to listen: classical music, jazz,traditional Portuguese music and philharmonic music.

Don’t miss this amazing chance to know more about the Portuguese culture and keep posted on the events in our website.