Let’s go to the summer cocktail party of Português Et Cetera!

Thu, 22.08.2019

Celebrating Santo António with a cocktail party

On the 15th of August it was celebrated the birth of Santo António. Using as a pretext the celebration of Santo António, our Portuguese language school organized a summer cocktail party. The party took place on the 22nd of August.

Our party was at Português Et Cetera’s school. We decorated the second floor of our school with a throne of Santo António and withother ornaments.

June is the month of Popular Saints with parties and arraiais all over the country. The main ones are the Lisbon Festivities, from June 12th to 13th, Day of Santo António. The Festivities of Porto, from the 23rd to the 24th of June, Day of São João are also very important. In Lisbon, the popular marches of each neighbourhood parade along Avenida da Liberdade, fills that avenue with music and people.

Another high point is the procession of Santo António. On the 13th of June, the figure of the saint leaves the church of Santo António. The matchmakersaint born in Lisbon and died in Padua. That’s why he is both patron of Lisbon and Padua.

We had the precious presence of our students and teachers who brought tasty foods and drinks.Red and white Portuguese wines, ginjinha’s liquor and Port’s wine were some of the drinks that we had for our students. Regarding to food we had chocolate and carrot cake, bread with chorizo, sweet bread, among others.

We spent a great time. Make part of our school events! It’s the perfect opportunity to practise your Portuguese language skills while learning about the Portuguese history and culture.

In the meantime, check out our photos below.

We are preparing a themed cocktail party about Santo António

The summer and the good weather finally arrived! Nothing better than hosting this new season of the year with a cocktail! Our Portuguese language school has the pleasure to invite you for our summer cocktail on the 22nd of August.

We’ll also take the opportunity to celebrate the life of Santo António. On the 15th of August, we celebrated the anniversary of his birth.Santo António is the patron saint of Lisbon. He was born in a bourgeois family in a house where the Church of Santo António is nowadays. Moreover, one part of his house was preserved and we can visit it in the crypt of the church. Considered the patron saint of animals, the elderly and the pregnant, he’s still revered for his powers as matchmaker. Every year people from Lisbon celebrate the day of Santo António on the 13th of June, date of his death. However, the highest point of the celebration is during thenight of the 12th to the 13th of June. There are several festivals called arraiais with music, sardines and drinks!

In order to give you a sample of this fantastic festivity, we’ll have a themed cocktail about Santo António. You’ll be able to find in our school the traditional throne of Santo António, as well as other decorations alluding to the saint.

Our cocktail will provide to you delicious Portuguese wine, appetizers, music and most importantly, a lot of fun!

If you want, you can bring something to eat or to drink in order to share with the students and the teachers.

Come to be part of our celebration and keep posted on our weekly events on the website.