Lisboa da Liberdade

Thu, 23.02.2017

This Thursday, February the 23th, our teacher Beatriz will explain us the Portuguese political history of the XX century. After 711 years of monarchy, in 1908 the king Carlos I, and his first son died in an assassination. This was the first step towards freedom. Dom Manuel II, the second son, became king and ruled until 1910, when he was removed with a coup d’état. On the 5th of October 1910, the First Portuguese Republic began, unfortunately too unstable to create a real republican system. Between 1910 and 1926, indeed, came in succession 45 governments, and many times new political structures were unsuccessfully improved to stabilize the power. This is the reason why in 1926 with another coup d’état, the dictatorship was established. Ditadura National first, and Estado Novo later, founded a conservative regime based on a strong nationalism.


Moreover, Beatriz will tell us how in 1974 the military forces decided to stop the authoritarian government starting the well known Revolução dos Cravos, a non-violent revolution for the freedom of the Nation.

At the end our tour a relaxing moment in Rua do Carmo.

We will meet on Thursday, February 23th, in Praça do Comercio at 3.00 p.m. Join us and improve your Portuguese!



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During our last tour we discovered “Lisbon da Liberdade”. Starting from Praça do Comercio we have seen the most important places of the history of the XX century: where the king Don Carlos I was assassinated, where they announced the beginning of Republic and where the military forces walked during the revolution of 1974. We can still imagine the girls distributing flowers to the soldiers on 25th of April. It is so strange to think that we can see the same buildings, statues and roads of people who changed Lisbon in the last 100 years.

Listening Beatriz is always a discovery, and we hope that you will join us next week to know more about this amazing city. New stories are waiting to be told. To see the pictures please click on the first one.





We want to give you a little taste of our tours in the city centre. Participating means to practice Portuguese language, to know the history of this amazing city and also to meet new people. We have our whole life to stay at home watching TV. Don’t lose the opportunity to experience new things. Join us next week!