Lisboa antes da Modernidade – arte urbana do século 19

Wed, 08.03.2017

After this cold week, we are ready to enjoy our next tour under the spring-like sun. On Wednesday 8th of March, our stroll will be focused on “Lisboa antes da modernidade”. For eight hundred years, in Lisbon has been mixed several and different cultural influences, that have contributed to the creation of this dynamic, modern and fascinating city. This time, exploring the city center, our teacher Beatriz will help us to know more about the art of the XIX century. During the 1800s, two different art styles, neoclassicism and romanticism, were born, leaving their tracks in the streets, squares and statues. The most famous is the neoclassical Arch of Praça do Comercio, projected by Eugenio dos Santos, the architect of the reconstruction after the earthquake in 1755; however, the Arch was realized just one hundred years later, by Verissimo de Costa. Beatriz will reveal us the stories hidden behind all the details of the city, don’t lose the opportunity to participate!



After the tour we will have a drink all together to relax and enjoy life. We will meet on the 8th of March, in Praça Luís de Camões, next to the statue, at 3.00 p.m. Come with us to improve your Portuguse and meet new friends!


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In Lisbon it is already spring: the sun shines, people eat ice-creams sitting outside cafes, tourists leave in their hotels umbrellas and jackets…in this weather, walking down the streets of the city center is a real pleasure. Today, absorbed by this atmosphere and by with the smell of the typical Portuguese cuisine, we have learned more about two art styles, Neoclassicism and Romanticism. In Portugal, unlike the rest of Europe, Neoclassicism has arrived later, at the same time of Romanticism, during XIX century. This is the reason why in Lisbon we can find both of them mixed in a unique combination.

Beatriz helped us to recognize the details in squares, on the façades of historic buildings and of course on the magnificent Arch de Rua Augusta. The Arch represents a link between the city and the rest of Europe, and the sculptures are important people of Portugal past, as Marquess of Pombal, Vasco da Gama and Nuno Álvares Pereira. On the side the figures of the rivers Tagus and Douro.

Our tour has ended in Rossio, with a relaxing drink and a lot of chatter about our different languages. Have fun with us, participate in our tour next week!

Below the pictures of the walking. To see them please click on the first one. Enjoy them!



Lisbon offers continuous surprises. During our tour, we try to know more this city in order to live it to the fullest. We can’t stay at home when culture, tradition, and language are waiting to be discovered. We won’t let you down, join us!