Lisboa Maçónica

Tue, 14.01.2020

An adventure through Lisboa Maçónica

On January 14th, our Portuguese language school organized a walking tour about Lisboa Maçónica.

During the afternoon, with the help the history teacher Indira Leão, we looked with a different perspective at Lisbon. Many of us don’t know that Lisbon, especially Praça do Comércio, is full of Masonic symbols that the most distracted cannot see.

After the Great Earthquake of 1755, Lisbon’s reconstruction was projected and developed by freemasons. Some of them were the Marquis of Pombal, the engineer Carlos Mardel and the king himself D. José I.

We started the walking tour at Praça do Comércio, maximum model of Pombaline reconstruction. Here, we could find many masonic symbols. The Cais das Colunas symbolizes the entrance to the “great temple”, which is Baixa. The snakes in the statue of D. José I represent wisdom and guide the king to knowledge. Even the name of the street Augusta is a homage to the emperor Franz I considered the first freemason.

Then, in Rua do Carmo we found Armazéns Grandella, warehouses built by Francisco de Almeida Grandella, a freemason. The building has many masonic symbols such as the motto “E segue sempre por bom caminho”, which means, “Always follow the good path”.

The masonic façade of Casa do Ferreira das Tabuletas is located in Largo Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro. Built in 1864 by Manuel Moreira Garcia, a freemason. On the façade, we could find the “all seeing eye”, and representations of Earth, Water, Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Science.

We ended our adventure in the Masonic Museum in Bairro Alto!

However, before finishing completely our afternoon, we had a drink in Cervejaria Trindade.The owner of the brewery was the same of Casa do Ferreira das Tabuletas and was built to be a real masonic temple!

Let’s find out the symbols of Lisboa Maçónica!

Considered a sacred city, Lisbon, after the Great Earthquake of 1755, was rebuilt based on Masonic symbols. We’ll unveil them on January, 14th in our walking tour about Lisboa Maçónica!

Our history teacher, Indira Leão, will help us to find out the Masonic symbols hidden around the city!

Freemasonry is considered the largest and oldest fraternal organization in the world, but its historical origins are unclear. For some, Freemasonry began with the masons who helped erect European cathedrals during the Middle Ages. For others, Freemasonry is much older and started in Ancient Egypt.

Our route of Lisboa Maçónica will start at Praça do Comércio. This place is the result of the brilliant post-earthquake anti-seismic reconstruction of 1755. The men responsible for Lisbon’s reconstruction: the Marquis of Pombal and Carlos Mardel were Freemasons. Some experts defend that Baixa Pombalina represents a masonic temple, and Cais das Colunas is the entrance into the “great temple”. Crossing the arch of Rua Augusta would mean the passage from darkness to light, which is granted by wisdom.

Then, we’ll go to Rua do Carmo, more specifically to the old Armazéns Grandella. The founder, Francisco de Almeida Grandella was Freemason and built the warehouses with masonic symbols!

In Largo Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro we’ll see another masonic façade of Casa do Ferreira das Tabuletas. On the façade there are represented the All Seeing Eye and the elements of Earth, Water, Science and Agriculture.

The last stop of our walking tour about Lisboa Maçónica will be at the Masonic Museum in Bairro Alto. It was founded in 1984.

After the walking tour, we’ll have a drink in Cervejaria Trindade, which is a true masonic temple!

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