Lisbon Photo Challenge

Wed, 18.01.2017

Students and friends, this time we propose you a new way to enjoy your staying in Lisbon. Participate to our new challenge in order to have the chance to win the prize!

Help us decorating our classrooms, participating to the challenge you will have the chance to win 2 free weeks in the conversation club or a 60€ of discount for the next module that you will take in our school.


During these days we realized that we gave you too little time to allow you all to express your creative spirit. For this reason we decided to postpone the deadline, giving to those of you who didn’t participate to the challenge yet, the chance to do it now. The new deadline will be next Monday (February 6th) and the day after the new deadline, the winner will be proclaimed.

For the moment we take the chance of this message to thank all of you who already posted the pictures on our Facebook wall, you have now the opportunity to publish more pictures on our wall, in order to have more possibility to win the prize.

Challenge Rules Recap:
– each competitor has to upload at least 5 pictures on our facebook page;
– the subject of your pictures has to be “Lisbon”;
– pictures can be in black and white or in color;
– the quality of the pictures has to be high;
– the deadline of the challenge will be Monday, February the 6th;
– the student that will make the best 5 pictures will win the prize.

The name of the winner will be published on our page on Tuesday, February the 7th and he will be contacted by the school. All the pictures of the winner and some of the others will be printed and used as decoration in our classrooms.

Don’t lose this chance and participate to this great challenge!



Pic Challenge Winners


We are ready to write about the winners of our photo challenge, Al and Nadine!

Their pictures were amazing, perfect to represent the real spirit of Lisbon. They show a dynamic and colorful city, rich of tradition that is mixing with modernity. They have well captured the culture and the history of the Portuguese capital, immortalizing the famous ceramic tiles, the tasty Pastéis de Belém and incredible views of the city.

Lisbon is like a well dressed woman: it lets people slowly discover its soul, it lets to be delicately courted, and it is always ready to amaze with new hidden places, or sunsets, or typical foods. How can we resist?

If you want to see Al’s and Nadine’s pictures, please click on the first one below.