Living In Lisbon: A Cultural Overview

Tue, 13.02.2018
Teatro da Trindade

Cultural life in Lisbon will allow you to feel part of this country


If you have decided to visit Portugal, there are some things you should know. The Portuguese culture has a long and deep history. Portugal is currently not one of the richest countries, and Lisbon is not one of the richest cities. However, the Portuguese people are generous and happy to share moments with others. For this reason, Lisbon is one of the European cities that offers the most free or cheap events. Thus, living in Lisbon means that you can take advantage of this cultural atmosphere.

Antena 2 is our main public radio channel. It’s main commitment is to promote science and innovation, culture and arts, and also encourage conversations about recent social issues. Last year, Antena 2 began setting up an annual Festival which was a big success. So, this year, Teatro da Trindade is hosting the second edition of “Festival Antena 2”, from the 13th to 18th of february 2018.

The unique thing about this festival is that it challenges conventionality. It offers a program full of modern and original theatrical shows and concerts. They also, propose scientific debates and social issues debates full of facts.

Our language school in Lisbon is pleased to invite you to participate in this unique opportunity. For instance, we highly recommend seeing the original performance by Chapitô, who will present a comedy show based on the Greek tragedy, Electra. Also, Vento do Norte, a quartet of chamber music consisting of four saxophonists which is directed by Henk van Twillert from Holland, will play some classical and world music with a flavour of jazz.

We have no doubt that while living in Lisbon, you will be immersed in the most up-to-date world of art and science. Keep updated about weekly events here in Lisbon, through our school newsletters.