Montanha-Russa: music and theatre

Thu, 22.03.2018
Teatro Nacional Dona Maria II

The Portuguese pop-rock band Clã in interaction with the theatre

On the 22nd of March 2018, our Portuguese language school went to the Teatro Nacional D. Maria II, to see Montanha Russa.

We had the privilege to experience a new and refreshing idea of what is a musical theatre.

The room was completely booked, and we sat in the best seats of the astonishing Sala Garrett. We didn’t know, we went there just to see a show, but ended by experiencing it!

The couple Miguel Fragata and Inês Barahona with the duo Hélder Gonçalves e Manuela Azevedo had an incredible and remarkable performance. They presented us the story of four different teenagers, their struggles, achievements, disappointments and joys. But the four teenager’s lives found themselves entangled in time and history by one particular entity: the roller coaster Ciclone.

Simultaneously, we start to discover similarities between those stories and our own story. We understand that their lives are, actually, entangled with ours. Even if you are not a teenager anymore, you can’t be indifferent. You see yourself through the eyes of those four teenagers; and you look at them with such tenderness. You understand them, and you would love to say to them: “Don’t worry! Everything will be fine!”

The actors were brilliant, the music was a perfect match. A picture of our teenage years with live music. The dialogues, the interactions with the amazing Portuguese band Clã were genial and made us all laugh.

Our students were enthusiastic and fascinated. It was a unique experience: the atmosphere, the play, the music, the feelings, and the involvement made us part of that evening.

It was also, an opportunity to improve understanding and speaking skills in a different way, out of the classroom.

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The metaphor of teenager’s life

On the 22nd of March 2018, our Portuguese Language School is pleased to invite you to the “Montanha Russa” musical. Teatro Nacional Dona Maria II, will host this brilliant show by Inês Barahona and Miguel Fragata.

The main purpose of the making of “Montanha-Russa” is to change the traditional idea of a musical. Therefore, four teenagers, two boys and two girls, will tell you four different stories. You are used to the traditional musical but, this time it will be different. The actors will be interacting with the known Portuguese band Clã, which plays different types of music according to the mood of the stories told.

The stories have a common thread: the teenage period. Do you remember the many struggles you had? Do you remember your first time? Do you remember what “to be surprised” means? The couple Miguel Fragata and Inês Barahona with the duo Hélder Gonçalves and Manuela Azevedo will make you experience again, all these emotions in a very funny way.

Adrenaline, adventures, challenges are things which teenagers seek. They need brand new experiences, they look for happiness but also disappointment. They look for true love and at the same time they want to be alone. The teenager’s life is a “roller coaster”, they all go through ups and downs, they repeat the same path but in very different ways.

If you are looking for an entertaining evening and want to see as third party what “teenage” means, come with us to watch “Montanha-Russa“. You will be practicing your Portuguese listening and speaking skills.

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