Museu Nacional dos Coches – more than four centuries of Portuguese history

Thu, 29.03.2018
Museu Nacional dos Coches

The magnificence of Portuguese Royal families throughout the ages

Portuguese history is filled with important events but also magnificent and important personalities. On the 29th of March 2018, our language school in Lisbon visited the majestic Museu Nacional dos Coches.

Situated in Belem, one of the most famous places to visit in Lisbon, Museu dos Coches hosts a great collection of carriages. A journey from the sixteenth to the twentieth century, each carriage told us about the power of Portuguese royal families throughout the years.

Our tour guide, both in Portuguese and English explained the evolution of transportation and its importance in the past. “Coaches” were not only a mean of transportation, but also witnesses to the greatness of the royal family.

As soon as we entered the room with all of the carriages everyone felt as if they were prince or princess. We pretended to be in another age, in another place. We could hear the horses which pulled the coach. We could see from the interior of the carriage the coachman with his peculiar clothes, who held the reins.

Afterwards, the guide took us to see the thematic artwork exhibition “Partida da Família Real para o Brazil – 1807”.

We told, how during Napoleon invasion, from 1808 to 1821, king João VI decided to move all the Royal family with the court to Brazil.

The most important Portuguese colony became the new home of the royal family. Rio de janeiro was the first European fulcrum not to be settled in Europe. A singular happening that lead the royal family to stay alive.

After this journey into Portuguese history, we enjoyed the wonderful neighbourhood of Belem. A stop at the famous Pastelaria de Belem couldn’t be missed.

A delightful afternoon learning Portuguese history and tasting Portuguese specialities.

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The moving of the Royal family to Brazil during the French invasion

On the 29th of March 2018, our Portuguese language school is pleased to invite you to a unique experience. Museu Nacional dos Coches presents a collection of carriages from the XVI to the XX century. Mostly belonging to the Portuguese Royal House but also, from the Church and Private Collections. Museu Nacional dos Coches hosts one of the widest collections in the world, from carriages pulled by animals to the earliest prototypes of the common car.

Just for us, we will be introduced to a thematic exhibition: “Partida da Família Real para o Brasil – 1807”.

To escape from Napoleon’s invasion, the Portuguese king João VI left Portugal moving all the Royal family with the court to Brazil. From 1808 to 1821 almost fifteen thousand people moved from Lisbon to the new capital Rio de Janeiro.

This was a turning point in Portuguese history. For the first time a capital symbol of a European power was in Rio de Janeiro. It was far away from Portugal and situated in a country which had been always considered as a Portuguese colony, but at the same time, which was a very rich land.

This exhibition shows us paintings which are testimony of those years. These art works are collected from other Portuguese museums, gathering witnesses of that historical period.

A guide will accompany us through this tour. She will explain both in Portuguese and in English what we are going to see. This could be a great opportunity to practice your Portuguese listening skills. It’s a moment, furthermore, to learn about Portuguese history, to be part of this country during your stay in Lisbon.

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