Paula Rego: The women behind her Art

Fri, 11.01.2019

Knowing more about the life and the work of a Portuguese female artist

On the 11th of January, our Portuguese language school started the New Year in the best way. We organized a presentation of two documentaries about the Portuguese female artist Paula Rego.

Indira Leão, our history teacher, introduced us the life and the work of Paula Rego. We learned that Rego was born on the 26th of January of 1935 and she will accomplish the age of 84. Between 1945 until 1951, she frequented the St. Julian’s school in Carcavelos. During that time, her teachers noticed that she had talent in the arts. Between 1952 until 1956, she went to the Slade School of Fine Arts in London. There she met her future husband, Victor Willing. They had three children. During the decade of 1960, Rego and her family lived in Ericeira. In 1966 she made her first individual exhibition in the Modern Art Gallery in Escola de Belas-Artes de Lisboa. Due to the bankruptcy of her father’s business, Paula and her family are forced to move to London. In 1988, she made her individual international exhibition in the Serpentine Gallery, in London.

The first documentary: Giving Fear a Face addresses the themes of her paintings. She represents strong and masculinized woman, escaping from the female stereotype. In 1988, her husband died of multiple sclerosis. This tragic event influenced indelibly her art.

The second documentary: Paula Rego Casa das Histórias was about the museum created to her works. It was inaugurated on 18th of September of 2009 in Cascais. The video shows a guided visit in the museum.

In the end, we had an interesting discussion with the guests followed by an amusing cocktail.

Take a look at the photos of this event and join us next time:

An exhibition and a discussion about a Portuguese artist

Our Portuguese language school will start perfectly the New Year with an exhibition of a documentary aboutPaula Rego. Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to know one of the most important female Portuguese Artists. This event will happen on the 11th of January in our events room on the 4th floor of Português Et Cetera.

Indira Leão, our history teacher will talk about Paula Rego. She was born on the 26th of January of 1935 in Lisbon in a middle-class family. Rego studied and lived in London, where she met her husband: Victor Willing.

Rego’s art it’s very autobiographical. She always represents strong and independent women. With the series of works A menina e o cão, the female character takes the lead by subjugating the dog. In 1994 she made the series of pastel paintings titled Mulher Cão. This work marks the beginning of a new cycle of symbolic women.

On the 18th of September of 2009 the Chamber of Cascais, inaugurated a museum with Rego’s works of art. It is called Casa das Histórias Paula Rego and we can find it in the marvellous city of Cascais. The creation of this museum represented a recognition of the work of the most internationally acclaimed Portuguese painter.

After showing the documentary, we’ll open an informal debate about it. It will be a good occasion to practise your Portuguese language skills. In order to make this event more informal and appealing we’ll have food and drinks.

You are all invited to come and bring with you something to drink or eat to share with the other students.

Don’t forget to join us in this event and to check out our weekly events in the website of the school.