A STORYTELLING PERFORMANCE – tales that never end

Wed, 17.01.2018

Tales that never end…

It is already customary in our Language School to assemble all our students for a weekly cultural event, and this week was no different. Or was it? Well, we believe we have the best students in Lisbon and they deserve nothing less than the best of us.

With the arrival of winter, the weather grows cold and our hearts hunger for warmth and comfort. Therefore, we stay indoors, where it’s warm and cosy, in a familiar place among friends, ready to learn and discover more about the language and the culture of the country that for some reason brought us all together.

Pedro LopesPedro Lopes was in town and presented us with an unforgettable experience: a night of story tales, not only from Portuguese folklore, but also from the undeniable and insuperable human wisdom.

Stories full of humour that made us laugh, but are also filled with profound meanings. They stick with us and grow in us. There is always a story that relates to you and touches you in a special way. It teaches you something new or simply something you have forgotten in the stream of life.

With our hearts full of love and joy we toasted to the new year and we celebrated the good things that unite us all in our Language School: friendship, fellowship, and our love for the Portuguese culture, history and language.

What are you waiting for? Don’t miss any more opportunities to be part of this great experience.



Portuguese Folk Tales – A Storytelling Performance (Jan 17, 2018)

We have something special in store for you this Wednesday, 17th of January, 2018. A free and unique opportunity for all our students and staff to experience a taste of Portuguese folk tales .

A Portuguese Storyteller is in town!

Portuguese Folk Tales
Image courtesy of Pedro Lopes

Storytelling is an important part of our adult lives, not just for kids! It enhances our verbal proficiency and listening skills. Listening to stories also inspires creativity, and encourages us to self-reflect and make connections between our personal experiences with those of others. These are all life skills that are particularly useful while you learn Portuguese in Lisbon or any other language, for that matter.


So, let’s huddle around and start our new year this Winter, allowing our imaginations to run wild with a storytelling performance by Pedro Lopes. We too, have no idea what stories he will tell! We are all in for a surprise 😀

A bit about the Storyteller:

Pedro was born in 1982 in Santarém, Portugal. He currently lives and works in Hamburg, Germany, so we are very lucky to have this opportunity to have him perform at our Language School in Lisbon. Although Pedro had 3 years experience in theatre, his true passion for storytelling began while promoting the reading program at the Library of Grândola in Portugal. He has since travelled around his home country and about Europe, telling stories in libraries, schools, cafes, festivals, museums, you name it!… for people of various ages and backgrounds.

Not to be missed! The event will be in both Portuguese and English so come and practise your listening and understanding.

The event will begin at 8.30pm and we will end the night with a warm cup of tea/coffee and biscuits!

To see some videos of Pedro: https://goo.gl/P658wD

We can’t wait! See you there!