A reconquista do Castelo de S. Jorge aos Mouros e a Mouraria

Wed, 12.04.2017
Castelo São Jorge e Mouraria

On Wednesday 12th of April, our teacher Beatriz will accompany us in the “São Jorge Castle” and along the streets of Mouraria. The Castle is a national monument, a famous attraction and has a central role in the history of Lisbon. It has been built by Moors for defensive purpose, and in XII century the Christians conquered it, thanks to the help of Martim Moniz. After the reconquer, the neighborhood Mouraria became the place where Moors were allowed to live, and today is still the most multiethnic district.

Walking down these streets is like going back to the past when Fado resounded between the balconies…


After the tour, we will enjoy the amazing view from the hill castle and we will have a drink all together.

Join us on Wednesday 12th of April to know more! The meeting point is at the Ticket Office of the Castle at 3.00 p.m. The entrance with the School is free!



Tour Report / Photo Gallery


Last week we spent the afternoon under the Lisbon sun on a tour of the magnificent São Jorge Castle. While accompanied by our lovely teacher Beatriz, we walked through the scented garden where we admired the colorful peacocks and learnt about the history of this enchanting city during the Middle Ages.
For many years during this period of time, people of different cultures lived together inside the city walls, however it was only after the Christian reconquer that the Moors who had a huge influence on the city prior to and during this time were kicked out. As a result, the city was able to grow and flourish allowing the different cultures to mix many parts of their individual cultures, including their architectural styles, many of which are still recognisable today on the facades of the buildings in Mouraria.
The tour gave us the opportunity to enjoy the amazing view of the city and even have a lovely glass of white wine at the end whilst chatting and learning about our different countries.

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