A Reconquista do Castelo de São Jorge aos Mouros e a Mouraria

Wed, 23.08.2017

This week we are going to climb up the hill to Castelo de São Jorge!

The Castle is a national monument, a famous attraction and played an important role in the history of Lisbon. Built by the Moors for defensive purposes, it was conquered by the Christians in the XII century. The tale of Martim Moniz originates from the siege of the castle.

The entrance to the castle is free for our students!

When: Wednesday, August 23, 3.00 pm

Where: In front of the ticket office of Castelo de São Jorge

Under Christian rule, the neighbourhood of Mouraria below the castle was the one where Moors were allowed to continue living. Today, it still is one of the most multi-ethnic districts of the city. Moreover, it is known as the birthplace of Lisbon’s most famous style of music – Fado.

Plenty of reasons to join us on this interesting tour! See you at 3.00 pm in front of the ticket office of the castle!

Tour Report

Kings, Queens and Fado – Our tour to Castelo de São Jorge and Mouraria

Last Wednesday, we took the “elevador” in Baixa to go to the Castelo de São Jorge. First, our history and culture teacher Beatriz told us the legend of the conquest of the castle in 1147. We visited the castle, which was restored during the dictatorship of Salazar, and learned about its historical importance for the Portuguese kingdom. We heard stories about Afonso Henrique, Martim Moniz and King Manuel I – “O Venturoso”.

After we had seen the castle, we went down the small streets of Mouraria. The neighbourhood is one of the oldest in Lisbon and birthplace of Fado, Lisbon’s most popular style of music. Join us on another tour to find out about the different theories how it came to existence (and for a cold drink, too)!