The Revolutionary Lisbon: 5th of October 1910

Wed, 10.10.2018

Recreating the process of the proclamation of the Republic

On the last walking tour on 10th October, our Portuguese language school recreated the process of the implementation of the Republic. The Portuguese republic was implemented on the 5th October of 1910 and it’s a national holiday.

Indira Leão, our history teacher, guided us during the afternoon. We started in Praça do Comércio, where the Portuguese royal family was victim of an attack. The king D. Carlos I as well as his older son, the prince D. Luís Filipe, were murdered. The men responsible for the attack were Manuel Buíça and Alfredo Costa. They belonged to a secret organization called Carbonária that fought to abolish the monarchy. In this time, Portugal was in a dictatorship, accepted by the king, controlled by João Franco. The loss of the Portuguese colonies in Angola and Mozambique to England also contributed for the popular disbelief in the king. With the death of the king, his younger son D. Manuel was crown king with only 18 years old and without any political preparation. That was the perfect political context for a revolution.

Secret organizations as Carbonária and Masonry prepared the Revolution that began on the 4th of October. In the next day, the revolutionaries succeed with the surrender of the army and the navy. In the balcony of Paços do Concelho, republicans such as José Relvas and Manuel Arriaga proclaimed the new regime. In 1911 the first republican Constitution was made. Right to the strike, to the divorce and the secularization of the state were some accomplishes of the Constitution. Presidential elections were made and Manuel Arriaga became the first President of the Portuguese Republic.

After the tour we gathered in a nice terrace!

Take a look at our wonderful pictures of this revolutionary tour:

The Implementation of the Republic

Do you know that on the 5th of October 1910 Lisbon passed through a Revolution that abolished the monarchy? And on February of 1908 the city also became the scenery of the murder of the king D. Carlos I? Yes, Lisbon has many good stories to tell! Join us on this Revolutionary tour on the 10th of October.

With the help of our history teacher, we’ll recreate one of the most remarkable moments of the Portuguese History. We’ll go back in time until the 1st of February 1908, when the king D. Carlos I was murdered. The death of the king was a clear signal of the popular dissatisfaction towards the government of João Franco. The murders Manuel Buíça and Alfredo Costa were republicans and were killed in the local by the police. The king as well as his older son D. Luís Filipe were killed. This tragic event led to the deposition of João Franco and the release of the republican prisoners.

Despite these measures, the monarchy had its days counted. Secret organizations as the Carbonaria and the Masonry planned the implementation of the Republic. It was successfully proclaimed by José Relvas, Eusébio Leão and Inocêncio Camacho at the 11 am of the 5th of October 1910. Those men belonged to the Portuguese Republican Party and proclaimed the new political regime in the Lisbon’s city hall. We’ll have the opportunity to go there and recreate the highest moment of the day. Many people stayed there to listen the republican program for the country.

After the tour, we’ll gather in an esplanade. It’ll be the perfect time to meet new friends and to talk about the new acquirements of the day!

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