Saída noturna ao Bairro Alto

Fri, 07.02.2020
Praça Camões

A fun night with our saída noturna ao Bairro Alto

On February 7th, our Portuguese language school organized a social event with a saída noturna ao Bairro Alto.

Generally, we provide to our students cultural and historic walking tours. However, we also promote social events, because we consider that our students can learn while they are having fun!

Therefore, Indira Leão, our history teacher, accompanied our students to Bairro Alto. Before starting the drinks, we went to a small tasca and we ate some bifanas. For those unfamiliar with this Portuguese sandwich, the bifana is a pork steak inside bread. You can complement with mayonnaise or ketchup: It’s delicious!!!

Then we went to a bar in Rua da Rosa called Groove. It opened in September of 2006 as an alternative to mass music, putting on reggae, dub and other alternative sounds.

We stayed there and we drank imperiais (draft beer) while we were talking and listening some reggae music.

The company and the bar vibe made the evening a lot of fun! We will definitely repeat!

Don’t miss our upcoming events on the website! Because learning Portuguese goes beyond classes. In the meantime, check out our amazing photos of our night toBairro Alto:

Let’s have fun with a saída noturna to Bairro Alto!

As you probably know, our Portuguese language school offers to its students cultural events every week. Our main goals are to promote the socialization and practise of Portuguese among students, while they are learning about Portuguese history. In addition to cultural visits, we also like to hold social events. Therefore, our next event on the February 7th will be a saída noturna to Bairro Alto!

Saída noturna is the Portuguese sentence for night out. Prepare yourselves for a unique experience in which we will experience the true Lisbon night. Because socializing and having fun are a very important part of our life!

Bairro Alto, is a recent neighbourhood laid created in 1498.It’s a place that truly changes from night to day. During the day, Bairro Alto is still sleeping and resting of the hungover from the previous night. With the sunset, the neighbourhood literally comes alive.

The main commercial streets are Rua do Norte, Rua da Atalaia, and Rua do Diário de Notícias. On weekend nights, we can barely walk on the streets, because they are crowded.

We’ll enjoy the night life of Bairro Alto as any person from Lisbon, by walking bar to bar along the neighbourhood. The bars are small, forcing everyone to spill out onto the streets and creating a street party atmosphere.

Join us and make part of this pleasant night! We’ll meet at 8.30pm in Praça Camões!

In the meantime, check out our school event’s section on the website.