Wed, 31.01.2018
Rua do Carmo 51, Level 4, Room 5



Travelling is not just about visiting places, but also discovering and knowing the real local culture and history. As you know, our main commitment, as a Portuguese Language School in Lisbon, is to make our students feel part of our country. Lisbon crosses eight centuries of History and we can find traces of Medieval, Renaissance and Modern History. Understand the History of a country it’s also to understand its people and its society.

But, as always, the best parts of the stories are the untold ones. Thus, how to know the most crucial secrets?

The event that took place yesterday evening was tailored for this purpose.
“A Grande Exposição do Mundo Português” (1940), directed by António Lopes Ribeiro, allowed the students to capture the essence of the New Regime. With the scope of renovating a nationalist ideology, the exhibition reminded people of the glorious and legendary past of Portugal.

Our students were given the opportunity to have a glance at the real Portuguese Modern History, which usually Portuguese people don’t want to revival because it still hurts. Watching this documentary was not only an opportunity for our students to practice their listening but also their speaking. Learning Portuguese in Lisbon becomes easy if you participate in our events with your worldwide colleagues and Portuguese teachers.

Our teacher of Portuguese Culture and History, Dora, explained and revealed some peculiarities taken blinded so far. The students were very curious and interested in the discussion and they asked a lot of questions that our teacher answered, leaving everyone satisfied.

After the discussion everyone enjoyed to an after-event party eating some good food, drinking a glass of the great Porto red wine surrounded by, of course, the best company that you can find in Lisbon.

Salazar’s “Paradise” – Portuguese History Film Screening (31 Jan 2018)

Portuguese HistoryIf you have taken the step in learning Portuguese in Lisbon, it is probably safe to say that you are more curious about the nation and Portuguese history, than the average tourist.

To understand the Lisbon we see and experience today, it is important to take a step back in history and understand the context of why, and how things have changed and developed.

For our next school event, we will be screening “O Grande Exposisão do Mundo Portugal”, film in 1940, and directed by António Lopes Ribeiro, during the fascist dictatorship of António de Oliveira Salazar, from 1932–1968. Lopes Ribeiro had studied film making in Russia, and directed many propaganda films for Salazar’s fascist regime.

“O Grande Exposisão do Mundo Portugal” is a historically significant propaganda tool, about an Expo held in Belém from 23 June – 2 December 1940. Praça do Império in Belém was a square built also for this purpose, and to commemorate the Portuguese Empire.

The contents of the propaganda video:

1. A brief chronology of 8 centuries of ‘glorious’ Portuguese History
2. Overview of the Portuguese colonies in Africa and Asia and their ‘exotic’ way of life
3. Overview of Portuguese people- It is a showcase of humble local rural handicraftsmen and women, poor but naïve, happy and genuine.

As a Tool of propaganda for the regime, it was to show:

1. That while the world was in WWII, Portugal was prosperous
2. Portugal as an Empire
3. The Portuguese people were happy

How did Salazar want the world to see his country? What was the reality? See if you find his “paradise” convincing!

Our teacher of Portuguese Culture and History, Dora, will host the event a little in English, and more elaborately and clearly in Portuguese.
1. Clearly setting the context of the documentary, for better understanding.
2. We will watch the film
3. Questions & Answer session

We welcome our students to sharpen their listening skills and practise their comprehension. We are sure you will learn something new!

Whether you are living in or visiting Lisbon, take the chance to ask locals questions about their country, in an encouraging and warm atmosphere, at our Language school in Lisbon. It is bound to be an interesting event!

After our discussion, we will have tea, coffee and biscuits! 😀

Bring a friend and meet new people! Let us share with you some interesting facts about the place we call Home.