Scary Lisbon

Wed, 19.06.2019

Exploring the scary stories that marked Lisbon

On the last 19th of June, our Portuguese language school organized a walking tour about some scary and bloody stories that marked Lisbon.

Indira Leão, our history teacher, guided us during this pleasant afternoon.

We started at Praça do Comércio. The name of this square before theGreat Earthquakeof 1755was Terreiro do Paço. With the reconstruction of Lisbon, Marquês de Pombal changed the name to honour the Portuguese merchants. However, despite being a symbol of grandeur this square unveils a dark past.

The ceremonies of autos de fé were held here. On the 1st of December of 1640, a group of Portuguese nobles organized a rebellion to expel the Spanish king from Portugal. The rebels defenestrated Miguel de Vasconcelos, a Portuguese ally of Spain. On the 1st of February of 1908 the Portuguese king D. Carlos and his son D. Luís Filipe were murdered.

We walked to Faculdade de Belas-Artes da Universidade de Lisboa located in Chiado. Before being a faculty of Fine Arts, it was a Franciscan Convent founded in 1217. Some students believe that the place is haunted. There are reports of students that have seen a white figure or lifts moving by themselves.

In the , Indira told us that in 1383, a Castilian bishop D. Martinho de Zamora was defenestrated by the population of Lisbon. The people killed him because he refused to ring the bells to celebrate the rise of the new king D. João I.

Our last stop was Pátio do Carrasco. The last executioner of Portugal, Luís António Alves dos Santos lived and died here. Some people say that can hear his screams during the night!

We ended perfectly the walking tour in the belvedere of Portas do Sol.

Below, you can take at our photos.

Secret Stories of Lisbon

Everyone who knows Lisbon can affirm that is a wonderful city, with a rich culture and history. Capital of a European country and, therefore, witness of great events that marked the History of Portugal. Like any city, Lisbon also has its secrets… Most of them can be scary. Prepare yourselves, with(out) fear! Our next walking tour, on the 19th of June, will be about bloody and scary stories that marked some places of Lisbon.

Indira Leão, our history teacher, will lead us to this scary walking tour. We’ll start at Praça do Comércio. This square was marked with the autos de fé. There were ceremonies performed by the Inquisition to condemn all who transgressed from religious morality: Jews, witches, bigamists… Besides that, we’ll learn that Praça do Comércio was also a stage of a defenestration and a regicide.

The spirits wander in Faculdade de Belas Artes de Lisboa, our next stop! The faculty is located in an old convent founded in 1217 and in operation until 1834. During the several remodelings human bones were found. The spirits of those bones are responsible to move the lifts at night, shut the doors or scribble marks on the floor…

Passing by the , we have to mention the tragic destiny of the bishop D. Martinho de Zamora in 1383. The Castilian bishop was defenestrated by the population of Lisbon and dragged naked through the streets of the city. The ghost of the bishop is still seeking for revenge!

Our last place to visit will be Pátio do Carrasco. Here, Luís António Alves dos Santos(1806–1873) lived and died. He was the last executioner of the Portuguese history.

After the walking tour we’ll relax and socialize in a nice esplanade.

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