O Terramoto de 1755 de Lisboa e as Ruínas do Carmo (July 12)

Wed, 12.07.2017
Ruinas do Carmo

It’s time for a historical walking tour in the city center!

We are going to visit the famous Ruinas do Carmo, discovering how the earthquake of 1755 devastated the center of Lisboa. We will find out which parts of the city have never been restored and which other parts have been revived thanks to the Marquês de Pombal.


Moreover, we will learn about how the new buildings and constructions were influenced by the period of Enlightenment.

When: Wed, July 12, 3.00 pm
Where: Praça do Comércio

(In the middle of the square at the statue, look out for our logo!)

Please confirm your attendance with a short email: communication@portuguesetcetera.com


Tour Report

Impressions from our historical walking tour: O Terramoto de 1755


The earthquake of 1755 shaped Lisbon in many ways. On our weekly tour, we walked through the streets of Baixa Pombalina to understand how the city center was affected. Our teacher Beatriz helped us imagine how the terrible the event must have been. Moreover, she opened our eyes for some of the details of the buildings constructed after the earthquake. For instance, the fire prevention walls that stand between buildings and are always a little higher than the houses themselves. This way, the fire cannot jump from one building to another one.

The Marquês de Pombal, a rich nobleman, took on the job of rebuilding the city. He had learned about city planning in other European metropoles and applied modern concepts to the destroyed city. One of them was the rectangular alignment of streets. We also saw few buildings survived the earthquake and of course the “Ruínas do Carmo”. They remind us until today of what happened to our beautiful city.

Take a look at some impression from our trip below. Next week we have something special planned. We are going to Cascais! If you like to join, please send an email to: communication@portuguesetcetera.com

We will meet on Praça do Comércio at 2 pm!