The magnificent Churches

Thu, 31.05.2018

Discover Lisbon and its Churches by walking

Want to know what we learned during our last tour? Go ahead with reading and you will discover the stories of some of the main Churches in Lisbon.

Our tour started at Igreja do São Roque. Inside there are 8 side chapels plus one main. This was the first Jesuit church of Portugal. It was used to make propaganda to maintain the faith of Catholic Christians after the Protestant Reformation. In the same square there is the statue of Father António Vieira, one of the most famous Jesuit. He became a missionary in Brazil and here he worked to defend the human rights of the Indigenous.

The second church we visited was Basílica de Nossa Senhora dos Mártires. It is an example of Pombalina architecture. It was built after the victory of the Christians on the Moors to remember the Christian soldiers dead for the reconquest of the city. Inside we could observe one of the most elaborate nativity scenes of that time. The sculptor is the Portuguese Joaquim Machado de Castro.

Not far away is located the Igreja do Loreto. The front was made by the Italian architect Borromini. It was built by Dom Juan 5th for the Italian merchants, especially those from Genoa and Venice. The intent of the king was to keep these merchants in Lisbon, as they were a source of wealth for the city.

Then we moved to the Cathedral of Lisboa, whose construction began in the 12th century. It suffered damages due to 3 different earthquakes. This is the reason why today it is a mix of architectural styles.

Here Indira told us about the legend of the martyr Saint Vincent, patron of Lisboa. After it was killed, the ravens protected his body from being eaten by wild animals. Due to this, these birds appear on the coat of arms of the city.

Here you can see some of the photos taken during the event.

Discovering some of the buildings that symbolize the history of the Portuguese capital

What is the type of building present in large number in Lisbon? Our school is pleased to invite you to a walking tour in which we will visit four of the main Churches of the city. The tour will happen on the 31st of May. Our guide will illustrate the history of these churches that make part of the identity and heritage of Lisbon.

We will start from the Roman Catholic Igreja de São Roque, built in Baroque’s style. Inside we will see the chapel of St. John the Baptist that was one of the most expensive of the time. It was built in Rome, dismantled, shipped and reconstructed in Lisbon.

Then we will go to the Igreja do Loreto, which was founded by King John V in the 16th century. Inside, there are 12 lateral chapels, each one corresponding to one of the 12 apostles. Together, we will understand why it is also called the Church of the Italians.

The third Church we’ll visit will be the Basílica de Nossa Senhora dos Mártires. Destroyed by the earthquake of 1755, it was redesigned by Reinaldo Manuel dos Santos, maintaining the original baptismal font. It is also an example of the Pombaline architecture.

Lastly, we will visit the Sé de Lisboa, the Lisbon Cathedral. It is the oldest church in Lisbon and it’s a mix of different architectural styles, such as Romanesque and Gothic.

By participating in our events, you will have the opportunity to learn more about new facts and curiosities of the history of Lisbon. This is also a way for you to practice your understanding skills of Portuguese language, while having fun with your colleagues. As usual, our history teacher will speak both in English and in Portuguese.

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