The Monarchical Lisbon

Wed, 08.05.2019

Finding out the statues of the Portuguese kings

Our Portuguese language school on the 8th of May organized a walking tour about the Monarchical Lisbon. We found out the statues of the Portuguese kings in Lisbon.

Our history teacher, Indira Leão, guided us during this afternoon! Despite the rain, we had a wonderful tour! We started at Praça da Figueira with the statue of the king D. João I. D. João wasn’t supposed to be a king, because he was a bastard. Although, he guaranteed the independence of Portugal from Castile. Besides that, D. João I and his wife D. Filipa de Lencastre generated a dynasty of explorers and discoverers.

We took the lift to the marvellous castle of Saint George. Inside the castle, there is the statue of the first king of Portugal, D. Afonso Henriques. Thanks to this king, Portugal became an independent kingdom. Inside the castle, we also found another king: D. Manuel I. He was the last king to use Saint George’s castle as a Royal Palace. Portugal reached its apogee with the overseas expansion during the reign of this king.

In Praça do Comércio we found the statue of D. José I. He survived to the Great Earthquake of 1755 and commissioned the Marquis of Pombal to rebuild Lisbon. He also escaped unhurt from an assassination attempt in 1758. The king D. Carloswas not so lucky and was murdered on the 1st of February of 1908 in Praça do Comércio.

We finished in Rossio with the statue of D. Pedro IV. He had to fight against his own brother D. Miguel to implement a liberal monarchy in Portugal. He had the reputation of being a womanizer and not very intelligent.

After the walking tour, we went to Confeitaria Nacional!

Take a look at our photos:

Uncloaking the statues of the Portuguese kings in Lisbon

Lisbon has a lot of monuments, statues and other attractions to visit. It is a small city but it has many places to explore and enjoy. Have you noticed that during your walkingtours in Lisbon you can cross with some statues of Portuguese kings? It is not hard to find them out! Most of them are in the main squares of the city. Do you want to find out which Portuguese kings are represented in the statues? Join us in our next walking tour on the 8th of May!

Our history teacher, Indira Leão, will help us to track the statues of the Portuguese kings. We’ll start at Saint George’s castle with the statue of the first Portuguese king D. Afonso Henriques. This king known as Conquistador fought against his own mother and the king of Castile to guarantee the independence of Portugal. He also conquered Lisbon to the Muslims in 1147.

In Praça da Figueira we’ll find the statue of D. João I. The statue was erected in 1971 and the author is Leopoldo de Almeida. D. João I was not supposed to be king of Portugal because he was a bastard. With the support of the bourgeoisie and the lawyer João das Regras he became the king of Portugal.

The equestrian statue ofD. José I is located in Praça do Comércio since 1775. D. José I survived to the Great Earthquake of 1755 and was responsible for the reconstruction of Lisbon.

We’ll end in Praça D. Pedro IV (Rossio) to see the statue of D. Pedro IV. He was the first liberal king and the first emperor of Brazil.

After the walking tour, we’ll rest in a esplanade!

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