The Restauration of Portugal’s Independence

Wed, 05.12.2018

Recreating an important moment of the Portuguese History

On the last tour on the 5th of December, our Portuguese language school organized a recreation of the Restauration of Portugal’s independence.

Our history teacher, Indira Leão guided us in this walking tour. We learned that the death of the king D. Sebastião led to a political crisis. The Portuguese king was a dreamer: we wanted to build a catholic empire. In order to accomplish his religious goals he organized an army to conquer Alcácer Quibir, in Morocco. The Portuguese troops were defeated in the battle and D. Sebastião disappeared.

His great uncle the cardinal D. Henrique succeed him and three years after died. D. António prior of Crato was the next king and ruled only for one month. The Spanish troops leaded by the duke of Alba defeated D. António in the battle of Alcântara. Philip II of Spain was acclaimed king of Portugal in the Cortes de Tomar in 1581.

The Spanish king gave important positions and privileges to the Portuguese nobles. The things changed when Philip III succeed and handed the Portuguese power to the Spaniards. The Portuguese aristocracy was not satisfy and 40 nobles prepared a rebellion to expel the Spaniards. Terreiro do Paço was the stage of this rebellion. Here, the rebels killed the secretary of the king, Miguel de Vasconcelos and forced the duchess of Mantua to accept the rebellion. The conspirators triumphed and D. João, duke of Bragança was elected king.

We were in Palácio da Independência, where the conspirators meets to prepare the revolution. Then, we went to the obelisk of Restauradores. This monument was built in 1886 to honour the Portuguese men that died in the 28 years of war with Spain.

We end this tour in a pleasant esplanade!

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A walking tour about the rebellion that freed Portugal from Spain

One of the most important holidays in Portugal it’s the Restauration of Independence on 1st of December. In order to celebrate this important moment of the Portuguese History, our Portuguese Language school will organize a walking tour. Come with us to this Revolutionary tour on the 5th of December!

Indira Leão, our history teacher, will guide us during this afternoon. We’ll start in Praça do Comércio, stage of this rebellion. All started in 1578 when the Portuguese king D. Sebastião disappeared in the Battle of Alcácer Quibir in Morocco. His disappearance led to a dynastic crisis, because D. Sebastião died without succession. In 1581 in the Cortes of TomarPhilip II of Spain was chosen as king of Portugal. Since that time until 1640 Portugal was submitted to the Spanish crown.

In the beginning of the Iberian Union the Portuguese nobles were being benefit with status and political positions by the Spanish Crown. However, after a time that privileges ceased and the Portuguese nobles decided to instigate a popular rebellion to expel the Spanish. The leader of that riot was João, Duke of Bragança.

We’ll have the chance to be at the Palace of the Independence, place where the rebellion was planned. The Portuguese rebels succeed a lot because of the rebellion ofCatalonia in that same year. The Spanish troops thought that the Portuguese rebellion would be controlled easily, so they invested militarily more in Catalonia.

We’ll end the tour in the obelisk in honor to the Portuguese Restauration in Restauradores. It has 30 meters high and it was inaugurated on 28th of April of 1886.

After the tour we’ll socialize in a nice esplanade!

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