The wonders of Cascais

Wed, 18.07.2018

A city of great views and history

In the last tour, we took our students to visit Cascais. In the train, we could see and contemplate all the coast of Lisbon.

When we arrived in Cascais, we came across a city with marvellous beaches, monuments and beautiful buildings with rich decoration. It seemed to us that we were in a different place compared to Lisbon. This well ornamented buildings belonged to rich people who constructed them to spend over there their holidays, during the 20th century.

Our history teacher led us to the Citadel of Cascais which was important to defend the city during the Modern Age. In the Citadel we had a guided tour through the majestic palace. The palace was constructed when Cascais had lost its military purpose, in 1870. The king D. Luís I adapted the old house of the governor of the Citadel to a vacation’s residence. Until the regicide of D. Carlos I, the royal family spent many time in Cascais transforming the daily life in the region. The presence of the king attracted not only the court to Cascais, but also intellectuals, like Eça de Queiroz.

During the visit we had the opportunity to see the wonderful rooms that were used by the Portuguese royal family. With the establishment of the Republic the palace of the Citadel was converted in the official residence of the Portuguese president. After 1926, the official residence of the Portuguese president was moved to Belém. Nowadays, the palace receives diplomats and political leaders from all the world.

After the visit to the Citadel, we ended our tour perfectly in a terrace enjoying good food and drinks in the best company possible!

Here you can see some of the photos taken during the event.

An afternoon in a city of kings and fishermen

Summer has begun, and what’s better than spending an afternoon together on the beach? On the 18th of July, your school invites you to a tour to Cascais. There, we will have the opportunity to walk around the city and visit several local attractions. This will allow us to know more about the history and the importance of Cascais during the Modern Age period. At the end, we can rest and have a swim at the fantastic beach of Cascais. Do not forget to bring your swimsuit and a towel!

We will take the train in Cais do Sodré. After arriving at Cascais, we will go to the Museum of the City. At the end of the exhibition, we would have discovered a lot of the Cascais story from the Neolithic period untilthe 20th century.

We will also visit the Citadel of Cascais, built between the 15th and the 16th century. It is made up of several buildings that were meant to defend the city from enemy attacks. And we’ll view the fortress built in the 15th century to honour Nossa Senhora da Luz.

Then, we’ll see the Palace of the city, turned into a holiday’s residence by D. Luís I, in 1870.

After the visit, we will go to one of the beautiful beaches of Cascais. Here we will have a swim, socialize and have fun together!

During the tour, our history teacher Indira Leão will speak in Portuguese and English. Don’t miss the opportunity to practice your listening skills of Portuguese while you learn more about the Portuguese history and culture.

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