Tour about the Lisbon earthquake

Wed, 05.04.2017

Yesterday, because of a boat drivers strike, we could not go to the other side of the river. However, our teacher Beatriz, always ready for anything, proposed soon a new and interesting solution. For this reason, we discovered the places of the earthquake of 1755, seeing what has been rebuilt and what is still damaged, as Convento do Carmo. During our walk we have learned how Lisbon has changed over the centuries, since when it was completely closed into the walls and the king lived in the castle on the hill, to the time when the palace has been moved to the Baixa district. The earthquake, that provoked also a tsunami, has had a huge role in the evolution of the city, and it has profoundly influenced the life of the population. It was such a big event that it contributed to create the expression: “Cair o Carmo e a Trinidade”. This “proverb” is used to express upset, surprise and confusion. During the earthquake, Carmo and Trinidade, the two convents of the city center, were destroyed and someone should have shouted “Cair o Carmo e a Trinidade” in a feeling of terror and disorientation.

To learn more about our amazing city follow us next week!

Below you can see the pictures of the tour.