Tour to Ruínas do Carmo

Wed, 25.01.2017
Carmo, Lisbon

The school event of this week has been very interesting; we met each other near the statue of King José I, in the middle of Praça do Carmo, at 4 pm and teacher Beatriz started explaining us about the earthquake that devastated Lisbon in 1755′. She told us how Praça do Carmo was before the terrible event and how it has been rebuilt over the years. We continued our tour going to the church of Nossa Senhora da Conceição Velha, a church that had been partially destroyed by the earthquake and rebuilt in 1770′.



During the first part of the tour we had the chance to discover which were all the parts of Lisbon that, after 1755′, had been restructured. In the second part of the tour, on the contrary, we went to see Rnas do Carmo, and so the part of Lisbon that was not touched after the earthquake. We have had the opportunity to admire the Carmo Convent and the amazing view of Lisbon that is possible to see from there. However we couldn’t go inside the Convent in order to see the open sky roof, because inside the Convent there is now an archeologic museum. After the Tour, as usual, we decided to rest for a little bit, having a drink all together.

The tour was definitely great and we hope that you had fun as we did.

In order to see the pictures of our tour, click on the picture below: