A train trip to Cascais

Wed, 19.09.2018

A city of Kings and Presidents

In our last tour on the 19th of September our Portuguese Language school took its students to Cascais. Since the second half of the second century, this city is used by the rich people for their vacations. The difference is that, during that time, only the rich people had luxurious houses in Cascais. Nowadays, there are different people spending their vacations in this beautiful place.

Indira Leão, our history teacher, guided us in this wonderful tour. We started with a marvellous trip by train. We passed through all the beaches of Lisbon coastline. When we arrived, we had the opportunity to contemplate the natural and architectural landscapes. Many houses in Cascais were made in the architectural style called Arquitectura de Veraneio (summer houses architecture). They were turned into summer houses for the rich families.

We visited the Museu da Vila, an interesting museum that let us know more about the History of the city. We learned that Cascais, as well as Lisbon and Sintra, were conquered in 1147 by D. Afonso Henriques. Only in 1514, the king D. Manuel I gave administrative autonomy to Cascais. Before that time, the city was aggregated to Sintra.

Then, we went to the Citadel of Cascais that was used to protect the bar of Tejo’s river. It had this defensive function until the 19th century. After that, it was converted into the official residence of the Portuguese Royal Family. With the implementation of the Republic, the presidents also established in the Citadel until the dictator Marshal Carmona.

At the end of the tour we went to an esplanade to socialize.

You still have time to join us in the next tour and you can take a look at the photos of the tour:

Exploring the marvellous beaches and the History of Cascais

Probably most of you have already taken some sun baths in Cascais, but what do you know about the city? We’ll give you the answers that you need in our next tour on 19th of September. You won’t regret it! For the ones who don’t know anything about the city, Cascais belongs to the district and metropolitan area of Lisbon. It has wonderful beaches that are very appreciated by the lisboners.

Cascais has a rich History dating to the Prehistoric and Roman times. As well as Lisbon, it was conquered by D. Afonso Henriques to the Muslims in 1147. The city made part of the village of Sintra until 1514. In this year, the king D. Manuel I gave administrative autonomy to Cascais.

This fantastic tour will start with a train trip, where we’ll have the chance to contemplate the beaches of the Lisbon coastline.

Indira Leão will guide us first to the Citadel of Cascais, which had a significant defensive role during the Modern Age. Filipe II of Spain, after becoming king of Portugal, ordered the reinforcement of the fortress of the Citadel. In the 19th century the house of the governor of the Citadel was changed to a vacation’s residence for the royal family. The establishment of the king in the city attracted many aristocratic families and intellectuals like Eça de Queiroz.

We’ll also have time to visit the Museu da Vila that tell us about the local History of the city. You’ll fall in love with this new city!

After the tour we’ll enjoy the good views and the company of each other in a nice terrace.

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