Urban Art in Lisbon

Wed, 13.02.2019

Another way of learning about Lisbon’s History

On the 13th of February our Portuguese language school organized a walking tour about Urban Art of the Portuguese artist Nuno Saraiva.

It was a sunny afternoon with a large group of students excited and ready to learn more about Urban Art!

We started in the mural painting called Filigrana. It is located in Largo de São Carlos and was created in 2018 along with the Filigrana Museum. The mural represents three women from different times: a Roman patrician, a Mozarabic and a contemporary woman. The representation of women in the mural is connected to their importance to make filigree and to transmitting it from generations.

We went to Escadinhas de São Cristóvão to see the mural Fado Vadio. It was created in 2013 in a partnership with the group Amigos de São Cristóvão. The Fado Vadio is a homage to Fado, and here we could find several symbols of the Portuguese culture and tradition. The figure of Maria Severa and Fernando Maurício, two well-known Fadistas or of the raven, a symbol of Lisbon.

Cavaleiros do Correio-Mor, is settled in Travessa da Mata and was inaugurated in 2015. This Saraiva’s work is also a tribute to the mail carrier. The illustration simulates a courier ride from theMala-Posta Real, inspired by the horses of Étienne-Jules Marey.

Our last stop was in the staircase of Rua Norberto Araújo. Here we found a curved mural that tells Saraiva’s version of Lisbon’s History. Emblematic episodes such as the Muslim presence in the city, the Portuguese overseas expansion or the Earthquake of 1755 are represented in this comics.

At the end of the tour, we enjoyed the amazing views from Miradouro das Portas do Sol.

Take a look at our wonderful photos:

Exploring the Urban Art of the artist Nuno Saraiva

Lisbon is already a city recognized by urban art and in a simple walk through the centre or the historic neighbourhoods we are surprised by true works of art. If you are interested on learning more about this topic, join us on our next tour on the 13th of February.

Our Portuguese language school will organize a walking tour about the murals of the urban artistNuno Saraiva. Saraiva was born in Lisbon on the 27th of August of 1969 and he is an illustrator and a comic book author.

Indira Leão, our history teacher, will guide in this tour. We’ll start in the painting mural called Filigrana inaugurated in 2018. We can find it in Largo de São Carlos. The painting mural was commissioned by the Casa Anselmo, which created the filigree museum next to the urban mural. The mural painting Filigrana tells us the history through three women, whose skirts draw hills of Lisbon.

In Escadinhas de São Cristóvão we´ll find the painting mural Fado Vadio. It is a project with the association Amigos de São Cristóvão. In this mural, Saraiva portrayed the main popular symbols of Alfama, to honour this traditional neighbourhood and its people. Fado Vadio was inaugurated in 2013.

The mural Cavaleiros do Correio-Mor is located in Travessa da Mata and was inaugurated in 2015. It was a project to pay homage to the mail carriers.

We’ll end in Rua Norberto Araújo. Here, we’ll find the mural História de Lisboa, inaugurated in 2016. It is a Saraiva’s version of the History of the city from its origins to the most relevant episodes.

We’ll finish our walking tour in a cosy esplanade!

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