Vamos descobrir o Azulejo

Tue, 26.06.2018

Origins, evolution and variations of this typical Portuguese ornament

Walking through the city of Lisbon, you can’t avoid noticing a typical Portuguese ornament: the Azulejo. This is a type of Spanish and Portuguese artefact inspired by Muslim techniques. Our school invites you to a visit to the National Museum of Azulejos on the 26th of June. Here is a permanent exhibition of Azulejos made between the XV and XX century. And this will be the opportunity for you to know the origin of Azulejo, its evolution and its variations. All in a suggestive environment: the museum, in fact, is located in the ancient Convent of Madre de Deus.

The Azulejo began to be used in Portugal between the end of the XV and the beginning of the XVI century. King Manuel I wanted them to decorate the Palacio da Villa in Sintra, after he had visited the palaces of Andalusia. The Azulejo consists of ceramic tiles, generally square in shape, with a glazed and decorated surface. It’s used to cover the walls of buildings internally and externally, or as decoration. Various themes are represented on them.

The Azulejos are inspired by the Spanish Alicantados, which have Arabic origin. These are made using mainly black, yellow, white and blue and they reproduce abstract geometric shapes.

We will also offer you, at the modest sum of 6 euros, the chance to create your Azulejo. After the visit, a tiles painting workshop will be held. Inspired by the visit, you can use your creativity to make a souvenir to take home.

Don’t miss this extraordinary event! You will deepen your knowledge of Portuguese history and art and practice your listening skills of Portuguese. In fact, our guide will use Portuguese and English languages. In addition, you can test your artistic skills.

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Take a look at the video and imagine the great afternoon we’ll spend together!