Vento do Norte – The Vantguard in Chamber Music

Thu, 15.02.2018
Teatro da Trindade

A bouquet of emotions on stage at Teatro da Trindade

Vento do Norte is a group of young Portuguese saxophonists directed by the Dutch musician Henk van Twillert. This ensemble brings a new flavour to the modern scene of chamber music. We could define them as vanguard! They explored various music styles, from classic music to western and also fado.

The radio channel Antena 2, for the second year presents Festival Antena 2, a cultural and scientific event. On Thursday 15th of February 2018, we had the pleasure of going to Teatro da Trindade to watch a concert by Vento do Norte and Henk van Twillert .

Before the concert, in the hall of Theatre, the Antena 2 team broadcasted an interview of this chamber music group. We had the opportunity, as well, to attend the performance of Palavras du Bolso, who performed some Portuguese children’s poetry.

Vento do Norte and Henk van Twillert had hosted a wonderful show, played by saxophones, songs from Bach, Schuber to Piazzolla, Morricone and Ribeiro/Rodriguez.

The concert was emotional and it touched our souls as they played different genres of music. If we had to define this moment in two words we would say: fascinating and impressive.

The stage and the space were permeated with this strong expression of music, as we were captivated by the atmosphere in created. The audience did not only play a passive role but, also, they were encouraged to participate in singing some Portuguese iconic songs, lead by the director Henk van Twillert.

In Portugal, the singer and composer, Zeca Afonso is considered THE symbol of Resistance against Salazar’s dictatorship. His music is known by all generations and many songs became “innos.

At the end of the concert, Vento do Norte and Henk van Twillertn honoured Zeca Afonso, playing and singing with the whole auditorium one of his songs “traz outro amigo também.

Some of us, after this bouquet of emotions, went out for a dinner in Bairro Alto to enjoy some local Portuguese food.

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Vento Do Norte at Teatro da Trindade.

Our Portuguese language school, is pleased to invite you to a unique event which will take place from the 13th to the 18th of february 2018.

Now it is an annual appointment: the radio channel Antena 2 presents the Festival Antena 2. The festival consists of a combination of science, art and social issues (i.e. immigration and refugees). It is an annual event where you will have the opportunity to enjoy several kinds of events in the one place.

In the field of music there will take place six concerts. Three of them of classical music and the other three dedicated to jazz. Two theatrical shows will be presented, while in the field of science, two conference-debates are presented. Here you have the schedule of the event.

Next Thursday, 15th of February at 6.30pm, there will be a chamber music concert hosted by Vento do Norte quartet at Teatro da Trindade.

The peculiarity of this quartet is playing chamber music by saxophones. We will hear classical and world music played by four saxophones, which will give a jazz shade. The music director, Henk van Twillert , comes from Holland (that is the name of the quartet). From his works you will hear the influences of Northern European culture.

Our Portuguese language school is pleased to accompany you to this great concert! If you want to have the chance to learn Portuguese in Lisbon, join us at this event, being part of this group! You will have the opportunity to practice your Portuguese surrounded by the local Lisbon atmosphere.

Afterwards, we will go to have a glass of nice Portuguese wine in Bairro Alto, the centre of Lisbon’s nightlife.

Remember to book a ticket at our reception until Tuesday 13th of February 2018, until 2pm!