Visita guiada ao Teatro Romano

Tue, 28.01.2020

We’ll show to you Teatro Romano

Lisbon is a city with a long historical past. Through its lands many peoples passed, such as Greeks, Phoenicians, Carthaginians and Romans. The Romans built a great empire, which Lisbon integrated, becoming an important commercial city of the empire. On our next walking tour, we’ll explore this Roman past in Lisbon with a guided visit inside Teatro Romano. Point on your agendas the day of the visit: January 28th!

A guide of the theatre will make a guided visit to Teatro Romano (roman theatre) in Portuguese. Besides, our history teacher, Indira Leão, will accompany us.

The ruins of an ancient Teatro Romano allow you to enjoy the marks of history in the city. We’ll go back to the first century AD, when Lisbon was still called Olisipo. The Roman theatre was abandoned a few centuries later. Then, it was rediscovered thanks to the reconstruction process that it followed the Great Earthquake of 1755. In 2001, the Roman ruins became amuseum centre, integrating part of the Museum of Lisbon in 2015. Installed in two buildings, this “site museum” includes a long-term exhibitionarea and an archaeological field.

Teatro Romano of Lisbon was built at the time of Augustus (27 B.C. – 14 A.D). It occupies the southern slope of the hill of Castelo de São Jorge next to Pátio do Aljube, 5 (at Rua Augusto Rosa). With the emperor Augustus, theatres began to occupy both a religious and political function, transforming them into spaces for imperial worship. The reasonably sized Olisipotheatre had room for about 4000 spectators.

After the guided visit, we’ll have time for a drink and to know each other!

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