Viva a República! | 5 de outubro de 1910

Tue, 08.10.2019

Recreating the implementation of the Portuguese República

The implementation of the Portuguese República is a national holiday celebrated on the 5th of October. In this present year, the republican regime completed 109 years of existence. On the 8th of October, our Portuguese language school organized a walking tour about the implementation of the Portuguese República.

Our history teacher, Indira Leão, helped us to recreate the events before and after the implementation of República. We started at Praça do Comércio. During the beginning of the 20th century the Portuguese people was unhappy with the Monarchy. The main reasons were: first, in 1890 Portugal had to give the territories between Angola and Mozambique to Great Britain. Second, an authoritarian man, João Franco, was governing Portugal. These two main facts contributed to the population disbelief towards the Portuguese king D. Carlos. At the same time, the Portuguese Republican Party was gaining power and influence. On the 1st of February of 1908, Manuel Buíça and Alfredo Costa murdered the Portuguese king and his older son the prince D. Luís Filipe. This was the sign that thePortuguese monarchy was dying.

Then, we went to Paços do Concelho, where is thecity hall of Lisbon. Here, in the balcony of the building the republicans proclaimed to the people of Lisbon theimplementation of the Portuguese República. Despite the Republican promises to guarantee vote for women, only men could vote. However, a woman, Carolina Beatriz Ângelo, was the only woman to vote during the Republican regime. All because she fulfilled the requirements: she was a widow, family head and had high yields because it was medical. After she had voted, Republicans amended the constitution by specifying that only men could vote.

After the walking tour, we had a drink in the pink street at Cais do Sodré!

The implementation of the Portuguese República

On the next 5th of October, the PortugueseRepública will do 109 years of existence. What do you know about the Portuguese República? What changed with the new regime? You’ll figure it out on the next 8th of October.

Our history teacher, Indira Leão, will help you to understand the events that led to the implementation of thePortuguese República. We’ll start at Praça do Comércio. Here, on the 1st of February of 1908, the Portuguese king D. Carlos I and his older son were murdered. The regicide was one of the consequences of the decadency of the Portuguese Monarchy. The regicides, Manuel Buíçaand Alfredo Costa, killed at the crime scene, had connections with the Republican Party. The Portuguese population was displeased with the dictatorship ofJoão Franco, supported by Carlos I. Another factor of popular dissatisfaction was the Portuguese loss of their colonies in Angola and Mozambique to the British.

Then, we’ll go to Paços do Concelho, city hall of Lisbon. On the 5th of October of 1910, Eusébio Leão, José Relvas and Inocêncio Camacho proclaimed the Portuguese República. These men were members of the Portuguese Republican Party, which cooperated with secret organizations as Masonry and Carbonária to implement the republican regime in Portugal. The proclamation of the Portuguese República in the balcony of Paços do Concelho was the most important moment ofthe revolution. Many people stayed there to listen the republican program for the country. Some of the republican measures were: the right to strike, to divorce and to have compulsory social insurance.

After the walking tour, we’ll go to a nice esplanade!

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